Articulated Kangaroo Model

by Morphiine Mar 17, 2018
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Awesome model !!! Question: May I know what the difference is between the Linked_Kangaroo_Complete.stl and V2_Linked_Kangaroo_Complete.stl? They look exactly the same so I am curious what if any difference there is with the two files.

Im curious to how people are designing these flexi jointed models ?
They seem great to do :)
Is there some tutorial on how you learnt ?
Any help appreciated.


Weird, comment got flagged - hopefully that's fixed soon.
Will delete this comment after it is restored.

That IS strange. I got your reply in a email also so thanks for replying!
Yes I am trying to make one workable joint in fusion360 and will go from there.

Your Kangaroo looks great :-)

I find loading my finished .stl files into meshmixer and orient them as it should be printed, then export the .stl, it loads into cura slicer perfect and ready to print.

Hi Lizard_Wizard,

How I went about it:

  1. I first started with just a single joint between two basic pieces and changed up how they fit together after each print until the "looseness" or "tightness" felt right and there appeared to be enough clearance.
  2. I then started modelling the kangaroo but only did 2 joints to start with and worked out which scale worked best in terms of: having enough movement, fitting on my printer, being able to stand, and still look like a decent kangaroo.
  3. After that was all sorted I finished off the kangaroo and printed a couple of different ones, and ended up changing the thickness slightly to allow for a more stable "base".

I can send you some images of my earlier prints if you want - or I may even be able to recover some early designs to share - so you can have a look at the joints.

I'm not sure about other people, there definitely could be some tutorials out there :)
I personally just recently taught myself how to use Fusion 360, I've worked with a different Autodesk program before roughly 6 years ago, so some of the operations were very similar. I'm still learning a lot though!
I recently finished University - studying Engineering - so I think a lot of the background helped when it came to planning out designs and figuring out how to put things together.

A good way to learn how the actual join works is to print off a few and take a look at them yourself - or do something similar to how I started working it out.

I sliced it in Cura but the head piece was missing, except for the ears. This was in the layers view. In the normal view, everything looked good. I tried downloading the files a couple times, but no luck..

Same issue for me too in S3D

Hmm that's strange! I'll re-download and open in Cura and see how it looks on my side. Did you change the size of the model at all?

Edit: I can't seem to replicate anything like that happening on my end, even if I scale it down to 20% it still retains enough information to keep the head intact, not sure what would be causing that on your end.

Didn't change the size. It could be something with my version of Cura. i will try again later tonight. I will let you know if I find out what caused this. Thanks.

downloaded a newer version of Cura. It printed out great.

I fixed the mesh and posted as a remix, happy printing!