Hydro Flask 32 oz bottle holder for Jeep wrangler

by mitchellkemppainen Mar 17, 2018
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Did you print this with PLA or ABS? I would be worried about PLA getting soft in the heat.

I print everything in ABS.

can you pllease please please make a handle for the side pof the bottle? and is the top cap with a handle something your prioonted as well?

No thats is the top cap that came with the bottle. Can you be a little more specific about the handle you're talking about?

hey sorry about the late reply and an ugly description. but heres a picture what i was trying to decribe for our hydro flask. https://imgur.com/a/jKiFERj

I will see if i have time this weekend to draw that up!

Mind sharing some design files. Would like to remix this.

What size zip ties do you need to mount this?

i used 3/8 x 10 inch zip ties. There isn't just one size that will work, I just figured the bigger the better so I don't have to worry about them breaking.

for scaling issues, I dropped the file into tinker cad and added a 91mm cylinder(the size of my hydros, 32 and 40 oz) then held control and shift (on mac) and pulled the corner of the mount to scale it around the cylinder.

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I put the file into cura and it came up as an object the size of a thumb tack, any suggestions?

All of my models are in Standard and i'm guessing your Cura is in metric try to scale it by 25.4

I am having the same issue but would really like to print this model. How do I scale it up? Thank you.

I'm not sure what software you are using but all you need to do is figure out how to scale with it and use a scaling factor of 25.4 and that will convert it from standard to metric. Hopefully that helps. Also I would love to see how it comes out for you so could you post your make.

I am using Cura V 3.6.0. Kind of new to the software so I am working it out. I will definitely post a make if I figure it out lol.

This looks so cool! So this thing filled with water and ice, driving down the road, putting on brakes, etc, still stays in the holder? I'd imagine it would fall out during driving.

I can promise you it will stay in! I have had it in my Jeep for several months now and it has yet to fall out, even when bouncing around off-road. When you slide your water bottle in it takes a bit of force and you hear a very nice click when its locked in!