by draxialle Mar 17, 2018
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Thanks for the files. I found that the tracks for the moveable pieces are extremely tight (can't get them in without hammering). Any suggestions on what to change with print settings? I'm using a CR-10S, 0.4 mm nozzle, 0.3/0.2 layer height depending on the part, and 3 shell lines.

sorry for my late reply ! i print this on the same machine without problem i think your printer use a bit to much of plastic ! maybe change your Extrusion multiplier to 0.9 - 0.95

The screw thread just took a bit of wearing in but it works great now. Thanks for the files!

It should be clockwise to close and counterclockwise to open

if im thinking correctly, you should be able to mirror the screw and vise pieces to make it cw to close and ccw to open.

haha true ! why not :)
not realy think of that when i made this !

Any change you can share your Fusion 360 design?
Thanks for this great design.

sorry, for now i prefer to keep the original file ( i ' m still working on it ) maybe i share it in future.

That's ok, thanks for your efforts.

Suggestion for ease of printing the screw shaft. Cut a little off top/bottom so it is flat on the bed, no support needed, threads will be cleaner and it's much easier to print
I'll do a remix, or you can just whip it out really quick...
Very very very awesome design!!!!!!!

vise main screw horizontal.

Awesome, this is what the design needed for me to put it in the 'must print' category :) Thank you!

Thank you for the suggestion, i can do this ! for my print i have not problem, but it's a good idea !


Thank you, will be printing this next week

exactly, the most critical pieces are : ( shaft part2 and lever ) this parts need to be print horizontaly (my seting are 6 shells and 50% infill)

Thank you for the work very very awesome. You are awesome. Please keep doing what you do. Your skills are priceless for this community.

Thanks a lot :) i try to do my best !

I love the Fusion animation. Didn't know you could do that.

You need to create joint relation beetween all your moving parts. it's a bit tricky at the begining but very powerfull.

Hello.. looks great! U print this?

I just put a new video of a printed one !

thx it's on the way ! i just made this new version today !