Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Infantry Test Model Lab

by TigerAce1945 Mar 18, 2018
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Where did all of your other packs go?

I'll print them out in resin and post some of the makes. :)

I printed one of the infantry figures on my ender 3 in PLA the ankles snapped very quickly and the gun soon after but I was taken aback by the astounding levels of detail and it printed beautifully. Great work!

You are getting good a modeling people. I will print a few to test.

I will have to get my printer fixed. before that, let me thank you for prone figures. I think I spent half my enlistment crawling on my belly.

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Sorry, don't know if anybody's mentioned this but I think you'll find that the soviet troops wore the blanket roll over their left shoulder so as to not interfere with firing a weapon from their right shoulder!

other than that I think these figures look pretty good.

I think your doing a great job, I've been trying for a while to figures right and not having much luck tbh

i shall give a try tomorrow

Ill be printing a squad on out tonight on my Wanhao D7 and will share results

I have an FDM printer but think it's worth a try. So far I've only looked at laying_Levka_lmg. When I initially imported the file into simplify3d and previewed it something was wrong with the file - parts of it didn't come through and most of it seemed to be made of worms. I tried uploading the file to makeprintable and I imported it into tinkercad and then exported it. Both had the same result - the file previewed properly into simplify3d and the man looked ok but the helmet and LMG were to thin to print, even scaled up 137% to 1/72.

I'm not sure exactly how simplify3d works but the "worms" phenomenon you described sounds like what normally happens when a a model is sliced for fdm. if you can, try lowering your layer height that may fix the issue. if you still have missing parts its probably due to the software determining that the parts are too thin to print at your resolution so it ignores them. i have doubts that even high tier fdm printers could handle these due to the large layer heights and support requirements.
(see attached photos of sliced model "worm" issue )

I think it's a different problem. I've attached two screen caps. One is the file from thingiverse scaled up 137%, the other is the same file scaled up 137%, imported into tinkercad and exported with no other changes.

I have a new SIndoh DP200. I will give then a whirl on it this week.