Eyepot, a creepy four-legged teapot

by chapelierfou Mar 18, 2018
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I'm a bit lost. After launching raspivid exactly what file are we editing with the code that starts with Janus.init({debug: "all", callback: function() {

It's javascript code that must be included in the webpage sent to the browser. The snippets are a bit simplified and out of context in the article, since their purpose is mostly to explain how the robot is architectured. For the entire source code in context, please refer to my Github repository. In particular, the file in question here is https://github.com/paullouisageneau/eyepot/blob/master/python/static/streaming.js which is included from the index.html page served by the python flask server.

Do you have any better pictures of your distribution board? I'm a novice when it comes to soldering so I'm not familiar with the term 'welted'. It sounds like you just ran a line of soldier connecting all the power pins together, and did the same to the ground?

Oops, 'welted' is a typo, I meant 'welded'. However you're right, it's as simple as that! The power pins are connected with a line of solder, the ground pins too, and each control pin is connected to another pin where the control wire will be attached. To make it easier for the lines, you can first place a thin wire across the pins.

Thanks so much for the help.

:-) plus an extra point for choosing the name!