White Dragon

by mz4250 Mar 18, 2018
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Currently printing the biggest model on a mk3, have some peculiar issues with the gcodes. When I started printing the head and the updated body, half an hour in the print it suddenly stops and tells me to pull out the filament and then put it in again. This happened like 3 times while printing only the head but the finished print showed no problems at all. Tougth it was my printer at first but this happens only with this 3d model.

Besides that thanks for sharing such a cool thing :)

(by the way, sorry if there is any grammatical errors i'm not that good at english)


I found out that actually there was no issue at all with the files. It turned out it was a sensor problem not detecting a brigth colored filament and asking me over and over to load it again so the sensor could identify it. Ignore the comment i´ve made before and my apologies to the OP.
(leaving the comment just in case someone has the same issue as me)

Nice. Good luck!

I am feeding the wings to 3D Builder to slice them for printing the front halves and back halves, hoping to eliminate supports. I think it will be easier to hide the seam than to sand off all the support nubs from the underside of the wings.

Its not really a remix since the end result should only differ by the seams in the wings.

Will post the STL in my "make" if it works as planned.

When I did the black dragon, I found this orientation significantly reduced the amount of supports needed.

Got the wings printed and they came out needing just support for the front "hooks" using my method.

Body failed print with the print head raking the supports off the bed just after feet were done, so I re-sliced using different support. Its back at the same height where the first try failed and looking good.

Head and tail are printed.

more pics when I do the make post.

That's awesome. From your pic I can't really tell how they're oriented. Can you post a pic with the wings printed more? I'm going to be printing this dragon next and I think you're orientation might be the way to go.

Still printing body...

In Blender, the wings are given 90 deg rotation, then split (picked a convenient height), then roated 180 the half needed to put its cut edge down, then settle Save STL and sliced in Cura for the Ender3

The wing hooks look like they will need support no matter what due to taking a U turn. Maybe laying the wing back a bit before the split would make them just need a bit of support to the wing instead of all the way to the build plate.

I test fit the wing sections to each other and its a really nice thin seam that might fill with paint. I have some home mixed off-white that is nearly impossible to see on the white PLA I'll have to paint to hide seams of wing to body and body to tail and neck anyway. So the whole thing will get a coat of the off white.

any more... will be in a make post in a couple of days.

where is the file for the sitting dragon?

Which slicing software did you use to print this? I'm having issues in cura trying to get the body file to print correctly. It keeps filling in one of the wing holes on the back.

Hi. I updated it. Try it now. It should be fine.

It now works! Thank you!

Cura 15.04.6. If it still gives you problems run it thorough Windows 3D viewer if you have Windows 10. It corrects that problem easy