Mouse Trap Walk-the-Plank

by i3DSystems Mar 18, 2018
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Please don't kill that tiny animals. Use this trap and free them in the wild. They will never come back. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2080952

Case for WLAN mousetrap alert
by JoHerz

The changes you made are perfect. All the items needed are common, so I had them laying around. Very easy to put together. Thank you!

Cleared my garage of all 6 mice in less than 4 hours.

First of all, thanks for making this trap and sharing it! That said, I downloaded it yesterday and put it together today. The first thing that came to mind was, "If I need to find all these screws, magnets, wires and then occupy my 3D printer for hours to make this thing, I might as well order the damn thing from Amazon!" LOL. The whole point of making something YOURSELF is to use as many "resources" you have lying around. Not run to the store and get them. I admit. If I would have read your description before putting it together, it would have saved me trying to figure out where to get a wire from. Anyhow, I found a workaround.

Having said this, here is what I would have done differently:

Yes, most people might have a paperclip lying around, but if not, you can do what I did. Use the "lead reservoir tube", which is the inside of a pen. Again, I did not read your description first, so I had to improvise. However, thinking about it in retrospective, making the holes big enough so one can use either one, might help!? Of course I had to make the holes bigger now, otherwise the tube would have not fit.

Speaking of tube and wire... Why use two screws to secure the wire on the plank? Most people will not have two little screws like these lying around. So why not make it a hole or "tunnel" that goes through the plank. Now you can simply stick the wire through the whole damn thing. anyhow, what I did was make the track wider since I was using the inside of a pen and then glued it in place.

Speaking of gluing... Why not make the part that connects the two outsides together, have "tabs" on the ends? Now you can just snap the two outside pieces to the middle piece. I have screws lying around that I could have used, but I wanted to do it as much as I can without any "help", if you know what I mean. So I improvised again. I used Q-Tips as reinforcements and super glued everything together. Works like a charm. Again, I would make it so the pieces snap together and then you would not even need super glue.

When it comes to securing the pennies, I did not want to go hunting for a screw again. So what I did was cut two circles out of cardboard. The circles are slightly bigger than the holes. Place the pennies in the hole, push the cardboard in and you are done. Once you figure everything out and it works, you might as well glue the pennies in place.
Alright, I guess that is all I can think of. I hope you like my "improvements" and do not get me the wrong way. I am just trying to give some constructive criticism.


P.s. Since I did not have any magnets lying around, I broke some fridge magnet clips apart and used those magnets. I suggest that you design this thing so people can use magnets that are available on Amazon such as these.


Again, I am not a big fan of having to use screws, so what I did was just drill a hole and pressed the magnet in there by hand. The magnet fits snug and will not fall out. Another advantage is that I now do NOT need another screw to adjust the trap. I just push the magnet farther in or out and get the Resistance I need! Works great...

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Someone let us know if you actually catch any mice!!!!
When I put dry cat food on the plank .. I caught 2 mice in my garage right away!

Really nice design. Prints great. The only issue is that standard US lumber (i.e. a 1x4 or a 2x4) is 3.5 in wide, not 3 in.

any US lumber yard, Home Deport, Lowers, etc ... carries 2x3 and 1x3 lumber in 8 foot lengths for less than 2 bucks.

very nice! love the modifications!

thanks for the original design!