Low Profile Pan/Tilt (V2) for the Runcam Split 2

by keithluneau Mar 18, 2018
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Can you make a version for the runcam split mini please

I had planned to make something for the Split Mini, just haven't gotten to it yet... lol I don't know if it will be laid out exactly the same, I just wanted something compact and neat to allow the camera module to tilt and have a place for the tilt servo. The whole deal would mount onto a pan servo, much like this one. ;) Unless you have other ideas, I'd love to hear them! lol

Hi Keith, just a quick question....
When printing the cam section, did you use supports and in which orientation did you have it on the bed???
Cheers in advance Sh4wzy

You shouldn't need supports to print any of the parts. The base is printed normally, upright with the flat bottom on the print bed. The cover is printed upside down with it's flat surface on the bed. The camera piece is printed with the back side of it flat on the bed, as if the camera were pointing straight up in the air.

Hey Keith,

Nice work on this. I've been looking for a good low profile pan tilt for my stratosurfer. I think it would be awesome if you replaced the linkage with just a Z bend pushrod. Since the servo is moveable getting the distance right on the pushrod would be trivial and it would make the build simpler with less points of failure. As well as not having to come up with a linkage.

The ball linkage was carried over from when I was using Mark's original pan/tilt setup. I used it there to eliminate any slop because that setup would tend to bounce a bit giving me shaky video when using a z-bend pushrod setup. With this setup here, since it's got a lot less leverage on the tilt (and less weight on it too) it would probably be fine with a regular pushrod. When I first made this I actually had a little tab sticking off the back of the camera for the linkage to attach to, but it limited the room the camera was able to tilt up, so I used the post for mounting the ball link to instead. I could put a tab sticking up above the camera, but that will reduce the amount of tilt you'll get with a standard servo arm and travel. (since it's farther from the tilt pivot) If you've got any other suggestions to make it work, let me know and I'll add a new stl for the camera tilt piece if I can make it work!

Do you have a pointer to ball linkage like this? I've seen them in a few designs, but not sure how to source them. Perhaps a couple product pointers in the description would be handy.

Nice work Keith! I am not new to RC or FPV, but I am in the process of my first MT build. I am now ready to start installing Camera and VTX and I will give your modified version of Mark Q's P&T a try. I am also looking into purchasing a 3D printer, so I will have to have someone make this for me.

Mark Weaver

Thanks! I've flown with this setup once after flying with the first one, and it works great! The only real changes are the more enclosed case around the board and the different routing for the wires. getting the wires routed better keeps them out of view of the camera, and there's nothing for the to hang up on either. I'll make another short video soon, but I'm 100% happy with this one.

As mentioned I had to have a friend print this for me do to the fact I don't have a printer. Good news I do have one on order. I went with the Prusa MK3. Unfortunately it sounds like it will be awhile before it ships.

I think this pan and tilt will be fantastic in flight! I still need to tie down the wiring, but I am getting very close to the maiden.

I look forward to seeing what else you come up with with your 3D print's.