Anycubic i3 mega lever extruder.

by pablogk95 Mar 19, 2018
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In this setup as the whole filament system is on top of the frame. Isn't is creating a problem with z axis ? Anyone facing any problem with z axis shift??

The name of the parts seems confusing to me. I'm unsure what parts to print. Should I be printing the "Fix" part? Is that the newest?

Has the Lever_1_L model (and variants) been changed since the original upload? I ask as I and another user are experiencing issues with the tension of the design. For me, even with the tension screw fully unscrewed and loose, there is too little tension for use with PLA.

Looking at your photos, all parts of your model are flush next to each other. The Lever part of my print is lower than what you have pictured and I have a small gap in between the parts resulting in loss of tension (See my Make for a photo.) This appears to be the same for @llama_zen's Make as well.

I have re-printed the Lever_1_L part multiple times at different orientations, but the issue still remains. Do you know why this might be?

I am using those parts from the original extruder. I have assembled it as part of @CptZeroG's diagram in the Make section. I still have a gap between the parts.

[UPDATE: After dismantling the extruder it appears as though I missed an M3 nut underneath the Fix_Part. Installing this nut fastened the lever firmly and has closed the gap between the two parts. I no longer need to have maximum tension on. See image. This may be worth mentioning for anyone else who has had the same problem.]

Works like a DREAM!

Thanks mate for designing this!
Flexible Filaments INCOMING!!!


Hi, this is an awesome extruder for the anycubic i3 mega. Thank you for sharing your model.
I printed one in PETG and it works perfectly.

I have a request, can you add a version of the "LEVER_1_7mm_NUT_GAP", which allows a connection of a PTFE tube (connector).

Thanks a lot! It works fine.

My make 521072

Anycubic i3 mega lever extruder.

I would like to know, how you extended the motor cable? Where you found socket or cable for this motor?

I've tried printing this 4 times, alone and with other objects at the same time. When you print the FIX_PART and LEVER_1 it always stops midway through the print. I'm not sure why, it prints perfectly before then, and then just stops printing. I'm using simplify3d.

I use s3d and havent had any problem so I can guaranty you that the model is okey. Dont know what is happening to your prints

Can you share your gcode file so I can give it a try?


Thats how I have the supports, I remove them manually inside the little hole where the filament is inserted, dont know if this could help you.

I use titan aero (direct drive) so they wont work for you, sorry.

Awesome Design!
I´ll will print this in ASA.

Thank you!

Hi, this looks very good. How can i place the filiament sensor?

I dont use the sensor, but you can install this extruder in the same place as the original and use the sensor just the same.

Hi, very nice design.
Looking your design I think it's good for the flexible filaments, it's correct?

Are you used PTEG? Infill %?

Thanks for the design, it's very cool. ::ThumbsUp::

Thanks mate, really appreciate.

Havent tried yet, I´ve never used flex but since I designed this from zero why not to do as best as I can? Hope it helps with flex, if you decide to try it leave your impressions in the comments to see if there is something to be improved or modified.
I´m ussing pla 50%, 5 perimeters, but petg is a better choice.

Hi, thanks for the reply and the info.
I had already print an extruder for flexy for my other printer, the PETG was better in that case because the motor reaches hi temp. The anycubic seems be beter cold then my other case, BTW ...
I think this is the better design that I've seen at the moment (compl again :) ), ASAP I'll try to print that, I'll tell you someting certainly.

see you soon ;)