Air Assist for Diode Lasers [40x40mm]

by Pawpawpaw85 Mar 19, 2018
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Just printed this for my MPCNC with a OxLaser 5.5W from Amazon in the USA. Fit perfectly on the body of the laser (heat sink) but unfortunately the focusing ring is too large for my laser, I am 30 min. away from finishing printing the 30x30 focus ring as I see it is smaller, if it fits I will post a make and you have another verified happy customer, even if the focus ring doesn't work, I will just use it w/o it, hope it works lol.

Keep you posted.

Confirmed!! This 40mm version with the focusing ring of your 30mm version work perfectly for my 5.5w Oxlaser from amazon.

You rock!

Great to hear, sorry I did not see your previous message earlier but great that you got it to fit!

Hello! It's a very nice designed model. At the first time, I has make my designe of nozzle for compressor tube mount, but now I use my compressor on a CO2 laser and need another smoke removing system from the engraving area for this small diode laser . I has print Your model, but has not previously measure the dimensions of my laser... Ups... It is bigger, than 40x40... So I need to ajust the model for my dimensions. Can You help me? May be You can give the solidworks model?

Sorry to ask what may be obvious to you. What does it do? Blow smoke away? Why?

Hello there. It does 4 basic things:

  • Blows smoke away from the laser beam, having the air collinear with the beam ensures that no matter what cutting direction, smoke wont degrade cutting power.
  • Clears some of the debris/charred material that has been cut from the cutting line which is useful if doing multiple passes (using high pressure from compressor is much more efficient on this point, but more expensive, complex and noisy)
  • Reduces the risk of material catching on fire as the air focused at the cutting point will suppress flames, much less likely to happen, but be warned it can still happen with bad settings as users are usually cutting materials that burn really well like wood or plastics.
  • Keeps debris and vaporized material from depositing on the lens of the laser.

Thank you for such a thorough answer. I appreciate it. I have a 2.5W laser and am getting prepared to fit it to my HyperCube. Your Thing is very timely for me.

Thank you for commenting :) I added text of what it does to in the description too as it may help others with the same question.

Pawpawpaw85 released are always on point! Nice model. This will be really handy. Thank you.

Thank you. Let me know if it works for you (or not) if you decide to try it, always appreciate feedback :)

Printed great! Only suggestion I would make would be to include a large "adjusting" wheel or wrench that could temporally slip over the extended adjuster for making very fine focal adjustments. Similar to this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2655664

Thanks for posting the make and hope it'll work well for you :).
I have not had any issues making fine adjustments as is, but I can see it may not be as easy for everyone.
Do you have any suggestions on how such a solution would attach? (Will probably be a few days until I have time to think and model something, but appreciate input :)