Allen Key to Hex Driver handle adapter - a DIY Du-Bro

by geoff_cohen Mar 19, 2018
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Hey Geoff, I love this design. Looks like you've got some great CAD software skills. I've got a question: Would it be possible to make a 1/4" hex bit end that screws right onto your adapter? This way we can use it with the handle or just unscrew the handle and screw on the hex bit adapter and use a cordless screwdriver.
This guy made something similar: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2343450 but I can't use it for different size keys. I just don't have the skills to adapt his design.

5.5mm hex to drill adapter
by xenz

Instead of whinging, why not download the ZIP of EVERYTHING, the you can see the (IMHO very descriptive) names for each file - it doesn't cost much extra, about .000001cent.

PS - feel free to design a better one yourself, as ou seem very unhappy with my design(s) :-)

Nope - the top wouldn't be strong enough, due to the thread height

The numbers on the caps should be inset like on the handles, not high relief. They stick out too far, creating excessive overhangs. Also, the number of files in the zip does not match what's in the "files" section - I think you have some duplicates. Your filenames are too long to tell one file from another in the "files" section (they're abbreviated too much).

You should probably rename all files, delete what's here, and re-upload.

I have to agree on the numbers -- it is an interesting visual effect but it is excessive and makes printing difficult. Also, I'm pretty sure you were only being given constructive criticism here Geoff -- that's part of thingiverse -- community involvement. The only design change suggested was the axial extrusion of the numbers. The other suggestion was simply to help everyone better identify the files. Like myself, I can't imagine anyone would comment on this unless they did indeed like your design but simply had some suggestions for improvement.

I will explain further. In some cases I use a rather simple method for sending stls to my printers, where they are auto-sliced, parsed by my firmware's gcode "smoothing" engine, and spit out modified gcode before being printed.... all in a single upload of an stl. With this in mind, keeping file names simple and concise is beneficial. I can't imagine why it isn't beneficial to the community as a whole to use simple, but identifiable names that are as short as reasonably possible. Anyways, great design..