Egg Pods

by faberdasher Mar 28, 2014
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Nice Models, but it would be really nice if the lids weren't broken. The transition between the smaller ring that fit's inside the egg, and the top will probably fail.

I have unsuccessfully tried to print the bunny pod multiple times. I can't get the lid to print. Any suggestions?

Yes Sir, Verified messed op...

netfabb also works to repair it and its also free

there is something wrong with the file for me

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Would love to see a pig one! Awesome work!

Oh yes! A pig would be super cute. :)

My kid loves these! Printed all of them a few times now. Thanks so much for sharing this cool design and even adding supports!

Yay! Thanks for your kind comments. We're really happy to hear that our designs have bought a little fun to people!

Someone should modify this to look like a tortoro please :)

will this come of my bed if its at 0.3 layerhight? (not that the layer hight matters i just forgot to add a brim)

never mind it printed perfectly! i put up a make. the transparent red turned out more orangeish.

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is red a spring color ya think?

printed it in transparent red yesterday..............

looks more like transparent orangeish!


It is only me who have problems with printing this ?
Even if I use repair tool it does not print well.

What tools are you using ? With slic3r it does not work :(

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I have a problem with all file.. it appear partially.
I try with 2 different pc (win & linux) and the last version of Slic3r, same problem if i set all to 0.1mm


Run it thru a repair like this one --> https://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net/

That fix it!! Thanks so much!!!

leFabShop 's logo spotted on the rabbit :p
Very fun & cute, love it !!

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The bunny is great. Have modified it to make a customizable Easter gift. Will upload when finished printing, thanks!

Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it :)