Flexi-Unicorn & Flexi-Horse

by Benchy4Life Mar 21, 2018
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How do you make a 3d model with links? I want to make a word with the letters connected together with links like the ones on your model but I don't know how to di it on Thinkercad

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Is there somewhere to read about or see the process of adding these hinges to make things flexible?

Although I didn't use these dimensions DrLex shows the dimensions he uses here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2738211 as for how to actually make it every 3d program would be different. I use solidworks because I have it at work but is way too expensive otherwise, I would not know where to start on tinkercad or other programs. Trial and error and alot of youtube videos.

Flexi Rex with stronger links
by DrLex

How did you guys print the non-flat unicorn? With supports?

I've printed this twice now, the unicorn (not the flat) and it turned out great both times, I'll add some pics tomorrow. I printed it at 50% first because my printer was new and I wanted to see what it could do in a hurry LOL, and it is super cool, and tonight I printed it at 100% in rainbow filament, and it's also super cool, can't wait to put it on my desk at work. Thanks for the great design!

My new favorite flexi style print. Horse stands on it's rear legs with support of tail and supports other realistic poses. This one's a winner. Printed great on Prusa with no supports or any supports/brim.

Thank you for making this! i just printed it for a friends kid who loves horses and it worked out amazing. i did what a poster suggested. I use a .6 nozzle so did one wall .6 thickness 15percent infill .2 layer hieght. it printed in a little over an hour and broke apart into flexi mode with minimal effort and is strong enough to be played with!

I think the gap is a little bit too small. The parts don't have enough space to move around.

I found the same on my first print using the recommended "Thing Details" settings, I then changed the wall thickness setting from 0.8mm to 0.4mm for the second print and it came out great and flexible. Hope this is useful.

This was very useful info. i used a .6 nozzle and did .6 walls and its still flexible!

can you make it into a unicorn

It's funny because I just made the unicorn version yesterday. I updated the files with two versions The first will need supports to print the horn and the "flat" one should be easier to print.

Excellent! I have a long print queue, but when I finally make some of these I'll post a make :D