deLtabot 3D printer

by Lehaiver Mar 28, 2014
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How much does it cost to make? Looks really awesome.

Hi! There is a problem with the J-Head top. The fan-blower does not fit under it, but it could easily be fixed by shortening the snap-in holder for the hotend by at least 5-6 mm. Probably 10 mm would be good. I cant find the solid works file for the j-head top in grabcad link below, is it available?

Added to E3D folder on Grabcad

I'll add it today. Thanks

I just see your 3d printer in this video at https://youtu.be/QwWqroZq24M

hello, almost done. soon i show you pictures.
witch horizontal spool do you use?
Thank you

Horizontal Spool Holder with 608zz bearings

I made it from car phone mount (sucker part of it), one bearing and printed a simle shape to hold spools.

which kind of screws do you use in the sk10 into the ikea plate?

Self Tapping Screws, lenght 50mm

which electronics are you using?
i have also 3 nema 23 motors 1,7Amps, and i want to use RAMP 1.4 with A4988 drivers but i am afraid.

A4988 with tiny (10x10mm) radiators and one 60x60x15mm fan, blowing directly on these radiators.
Do not worry. All is fine if you don't exceed 2 Amps limit on each motor. My works well at 0,75 - 1 Amps (middle position on trimpot). Motors 1.75A 45W.
PSU - from PC (450W), modified to 15 Volts 30 Amps for fast heatbed heating

Can you explain or post a photo of the GT2 clamp with the timing belts .
I just printed it but or my GT2 is thinner or i am not understanding how it works.
Thank you.

Look the last photo (after stl). You will need to cut a piece (25mm) of a belt and some glue. It is better to use belt spring on clamp opposite side.

hello again. i need some help.
I suck at 3d drawing. can you make some changes to the effector_new_e3d to fit a j-head nozzle MK V.
Thank you

Look in stl-files. But j-head is not good idea (hard to clean nozzle). E3D V6 is much better.

I just start printing the parts to make one. but i have some questions.
can you tell me the mount details of the upper pulley, i see the upper part have a place to put the F605ZZ bearing, but what you use as shaft inside the bearing? and thank you for your good work and for sharing your design.

I used M5 screw (Hex key), I put some sticky aluminium foil on threaded part up to 5mm in diameter.

Sorry, for insisting on, could you, please, provide the IGS or SW files? Thank you.

Thought maybe someone could find this usefull..


SK8 & SK10 Shaft Support Blocks

Good way to save $17 but it radically weaken the construction ( I'm sure that it could be only metal.

Wow, you are using Nema 23 motors. I have also few and do not have Nema 17. I would like to ask you if do you agree to upload the SW2012 files. In Solidworks You can save the file as an older version if I remember correctly. Thank you.

I have so many questions.....Would parts from different kossels work on your printer, for instance the extruder mount? Is there any chance you could change its to LMU8 instead of LM10s? Do you have any plans to release the design files? Have you considered using NEMA17s instead of NEMA23s? Is there a specific reason you picked these motors?

This seems like the simplest delta 3d printer and also the most recent attempt I've seen but I hope you don't mind if I try to modify to fit some of the parts I already have on hand.

About reason I picked Nema23: just I had 3 pcs for free with L-brackets from some old med equipment)). They are smallest in Nema23 series, but you know, they not so bad ), they stay cold all the time and torque are quite good than Nema17.
I added 8mm version of middle part for you, and I'll add the bottom part for Nema17 motors soon... Other parts is the same, just rod mounts would changed on SK8.
With 10mm guides design is less prone to twisting - 8mm will require additional reinforcing structures connecting the upper and lower panels. I don't tested that kind of modification (even haven't printed this parts) and you'll assemble it on your own risk.
About plans to realise design files - tell me part you want and I'll send it to you by email (SolidWorks 2013).

Thank you for the inspiration and used a diameter of 10 mm. What is the size IKEA LANTLIV Plant movers?