Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

GearVR to Vive Lens Adapter

by GrodenVR Mar 23, 2018
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As stupid as it sound, I was dumb enough to buy the white model.

Is there any chance, that you'll make a model for the white headset, or wouldn't it make any sense?

Best regards, The Stupid Dane :D

Well you're certainly not the first. I actually made one last year to test it, but it's not good. The focal distance is shorter, so the lenses have to sit closer to the screen which makes the FOV a lot smaller. It also makes the image more distorted compared to the other lenses. It's pretty useless unfortunately.

Just threw you $5 for the design. I saw tons of people printing these and selling them on etsy. They looked like your design. I hate that part of this hobby. So thanks for sharing it here!

It can be rather annoying, that being said it is allowed with the CC license for this file.

Many thanks! Yes, I've seen few floating around.

Hi Gorden if you could reply ASAP, i tried printing the adjustable adaptors instead of the solid ones. I had all 4 pieces and tried to put them together, but i noticed i could only just get about get the small parts to fit onto the larger parts. When i tried to screw them on they were extremely stiff and i could barley move the pieces once on. I am using a CR-10 at 1.5mm layer height. Please help

Another thing is I printed those at 0.1 mm resolution. Not sure if it would matter, but the threads are pretty fine, so that might be a problem at 0.15 mm.

Make sure you don't mix up the left and right. The threading is reversed so they won't screw together. Also try sanding the outside threads a bit if they are rough and don't turn easily enough.

I've tried every was of screwing them and they still dont work. I'm currently printing a set at 0.1mm layer height. Will that make a difference ?

I hope so. That's the only other thing I can think of. The ones I printed screwed together fine, if anything they were a bit loose. Good luck!

Just tried to sand it, no matter what i do its still tight. It's normal but then as it gets slightly further down it just stops and cant move

still has an issue, I've removed the files to fix it.

Hi gorden, when do you think the files will be back up for me to print? and i just want to say thanks so much for editing the files to get them to print properly.

tonight or tomorrow night, depending how it goes.

thank you so much for helping, i really appreciate it :)

No problem, Posted the update, turns pretty easily now, maybe too easy. Hard to find the happy medium with thread gap on small threads,

OK, just from looking at the file it does seem like the nut has been scaled a bit on the y-axis. Sorry to waste your time.
The new adjusted files for the nuts will be FocusInnerLeftV2.1 and FocusInnerRightV2.1. No change to the other parts.
I haven't tested them yet though.

Comments deleted.

that's damn peculiar. I'm going to print one tomorrow in case something accidentally got resized. Got something else printing right now.

From what I've read this is amazing. I'm about to use https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2920352 for my prescription and ordered my lenses from Zenni. I'd really love to do a remix of these two, giving me the benefit of both the higher clarity of the gearvr lenses and my prescription (-4/-3 with astigmatism. What are your thoughts?

HTC Vive 43mm prescription eyeglass lens adapter

I ended up trying these myself and the cups arn't deep enough ill be letting the creator know hopefully to get a new one with a deeper well

It should work; some people are using a version of the gearvr adapter with the VR Optician inserts. You will need to make them as this as possible to avoid clearance issues along the bottom ridge though, especially for low IPD.

I have the 43 inch lenses from Zenni and I'd love to see how that mod works out. Let me know! I tried the snowzach mod and it's ok but not what I want. Having trouble keeping the astigmatism adjusted correctly and it limits your PD settings. These seem like they will work better. Keep me posted!

I just did this, cost me around $40 as i couldn't find a gear vr for cheaper than $25. My buddy just ordered the parts and got his gear vr for about $15 so he will be at about $30 total. I used Print A Thing to print the adapter as I do not have a 3d printer yet (UGHNNN), settings: black pla, .2mm thickness, 0% infill. A TINY bit of play with the lenses in the adapters but they dont fall out or move when in the vive. I DID NOT do the barrel adjustment yet and I honestly don't even care if I do or not. After 30 minutes my eyes got used to it. I wear -4.0/-4.25 glasses (fairly thick) and with the lenses as close to your face as they can go there is minor FOV loss but honestly ... the picture is so much clearer that you forget about that FOV loss. Replacing the lenses was super simple and i recommend putting the lenses in the adapters first, and put the sticky film back over the curved side until you are ready to put them into the vive (i did this and did not need to re-clean my lenses or pull them back out to clean them). Took me 20 minutes total.

I am wanting to do this but when i watched the video, after he got one gearvr lens installed it looked WAY smaller. Is the FOV affected after doing this? I do not like the small sweet spot and shimmering from fresnel but idk at the cost of FOV reduction. I do wear glasses and will that make it worse vs. stock? Any help greatly appreciated, I could just do it but i do have to buy a gear vr.

I have glasses too mate -4.0 right and -4.25 left. thick mofo's. Honestly the improved visual is so amazing you dont miss that FOV. Im working on printing snowzach's mod for playing the vive without having to wear frames and testing with thinner pad to get my eyes closer to the lenses. Not sure if this will work yet (some say it does work with GrodenVR's adapters some dont) but I just ordered the glasses and im ordering the printed thing here shortly. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1639833

VRProtect for HTC Vive

Curious how this turned out for you and if you noticed any FOV difference.

Everything definitely works together. The gear VR lens adapters have been amazing. But I can't recommend the VRPrtoect by snowzach. The glasses are great but the lenses don't stay in place when cleaning so I have to spin them in the frame to get my astigmatism correction right. I'll be looking for a better solution. Maybe the mod you linked! As for FOV ... I didn't notice a difference. Honestly the clarity alone is crazy. BUT at the trade off of loser fitting lenses. The gearvr lenses have some minor play and that let's dust get in. I have had to pull lenses out 3 or 4 times to clean. However after putting the snowzack mod in I noticed that has diminished significantly.

Hi, yes the lens is smaller and that will affect the fov if you wear glasses. It's better without glasses, because you can get your eye closer to the lens.

Just made these and upgraded my vive, did the barrel distortion fix, and holy crap does it look better. Remeasured and checked my IPD. Eye strain is increased a little bit for me, not sure if that's something I'll get used to, but it's totally worth the VAST improvement in visual quality. Thanks for making this man, I always hated that only 20% of the vive viewing area was remotely clear. Now its more like 70% and the outer edges are still way clearer than before. All it cost me was 15$ for a used Gear VR and a couple hours on my printer (needed to scale it up 2% in the x and y direction on the Monoprice Delta Mini).

Edit: Eye strain went away after a few hours of playing. Guess I just needed to get used to it. DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A VIVE!

Sounds great!!!! My SM-R323 just arrive today and printing the adapter right now!!! I am really right now!!!!! xD

Great printing parts! I do have a suggestion though. A lot of people are ordering this setup printed but only order one of the "adapter" pieces instead of two.
I think they don't realize, don't read the instructions, that they need one for each eye and just select all of the STL files.

My suggestion would be to add a second one to the current STL or add a second STL to the file list. Maybe just duplicating the STL file in the list is better so people could still print it one at a time if they want.

Thanks again for great parts.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have added a file with the adapter pair.

That's great! Thank you!

Hey GrodenVR. Used V3.3 with my spectacles for the Vive, and it works perfectly. The issue is that I end up scratching the shit out of the lenses if I am not careful. Purchased prescription inserts from VROptician, but I can't use them with V3.3 since the GearVR lenses get in the way. Would you recommend the Lens Lab version of the adapter? Or will this require a seperate model to print?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, the lens lab adapter fits both VR Optician (formerly vr.lens.eu) as well as the ones from vr-lens-lab.

Hi grodenvr. Thanks for the great job on the adapters. I’m currently using your config file v14 for the Vive Pro. Which is fine while I’m using it but the next day my yes feel weird and fatigued. It’s the best one of the other ones you have released. What tool did you use to get the config file? I have tried wescottes tool but I doesn’t seem to work properly with the pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated I don’t want to revert back to the old lenses. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in on this mod. Great job.

Thanks Badger,
I got some eyestrain with one of the versions before V14, but that one is comfortable for me. I still see a bit of distortion when looking around, but it doesn't bother me (I've been using it for a couple months).
The configuration file attempts to fix two different problems, the lens distortion and the lens to screen alignment. I find distortion causes nausea, while alignment errors tend to cause eyestrain.
In my case, the vive lens config had a different offset from centre for the left and right eyes and making them equal solved my eyestrain issue.
For the barrel distortion: I didn't use any software tool, I just measured the focal length of the gearvr lens and adjusted the config file accordingly, then fine tuned it with trial and error (but that is a pita). Unfortunately Wescotte's tool is not ready yet as the output isn't the right format for steamvr parameters; they are still working on it. That is really what we need so each person can adjust it to match their specific setup.

Hi Groden thanks for the info and detailed explanation. Well I’ll look forward to the release of the working tool. I don’t know if it’s just my lenses but I seem to Get a bit of bluriness on the top of both lenses Around the Center of the lense. Only on bright scenes against black.

Try to push the headset up a little more on your face and see if that eliminates the blurriness at the top. I find I need to wear it a touch higher than with the fresnel lenses.

So I checked my printer alignment and printed another one, same issue. Wish I had Riffy's issue instead. I measured the 2016 at 41.4mm round to round, and 39.7mm round to flat side.

OK, that's pretty close to mine. My lenses are 42.0 x 39.8 and the lens adapter where the lens sits measures 42.18 x 40.12 mm.



If yours are turning out larger, take the difference and scale the print down by that amount.

Thank you! I got a successful print after doing as you suggested.

Ended up printing four pairs of them before finding out just how hard you need to cram the lens in, they aren't coming out of these prints without cutting them free. Ended up needing to build a mount to hold the whole setup so I could put all my weight into pushing, thought I was gonna brake my thumbs trying normally. I got to say this prints very tight to the lens and I am really impressed.

lol, glad it worked out. Mine didn't turn out quite that tight.:p

I really want to use this mod. I have printed the 3.2 adapters but the lenses from both 2016 and 2017 gear vr headsets wont stay in the adapters. I have printed it twice now with the same results one set at 15% infill and one 100% both in PLA, I don't know what the issue I'm having is...

Sorry you're having problems. That's the first time I have heard of that issue. It should be a tight fit, so I'm not sure what is going on in your case. Did you watch the installation video (I know it's a bit long)?
The infill is not important at all - some people have even used 0%. The only thing I can think is that your printer is out of alignment or has some other mechanical issue that is affecting the print dimensions.

Printed the 3.2 adaptors for a friend's Vive. After seeing how much better it is with these lenses, I'm buying a Gear VR right now just to strip out the lenses for my own Vive. What a fantastic mod, thank you.

you're welcome, I hope it works well for you.

In case anyone is interested ... the "adapter" will print with 0 infill. Didn't think it would but it worked.
I think I did use 4-5 top layers and I think 3 perimeters but the part came out nice and seemed solid - usable.

Good idea. Strength not required, the lighter the better.

sweet VR Lens Lab version

I don't get it, I dunno anything about 3d printing. Please help me
Should I buy two (AdapterV3_2.) without considering right and left eyes?.
Will it work for both eyes? only needed to be rotated to match the lenses slots on the vive ?
what size should I choose?.

I know there are so many questions, sorry for that. but the shipping price is too high for my country so I have to make sure it will work properly.

Thank you.

That's right just get two of the V3_2, you don't need any of the other files. Both eyes are the same you just rotate it. There is only one size. Maybe you can find someone local to print it so you don't need to pay for shipping.

Double posting a comment I made on my Make, but I think it's worth sharing here as well...

V3.2 adapters printed just fine for me at .4mm.

Fantastic upgrade for my Vive... whatever minor FoV you might be giving up is more than made up for in the clarity you gain. It's like experiencing my first time in the Vive all over again. I was considering buy the Vive Pro, but the Gear lenses will easily buy me another year of happiness until the Vive Pro prices come down.

Also... minor tip... no need to remove a single screw from your GearVR if you have a set of hooked picks or dental tools. Any tool that will allow you to get to the three tabbed holes on the back side of the lenses and exert a little outward and downward pressure should do the trick. It also helps to grab the black rings that surround the lenses from the viewing side and give them a bit of a tug while you press the tabs.

GrodenVR, $5 tip on its way for this great make... please spend on the frosty beverage of your choice! :D

hey thanks, I'm drinking it right now. Cheers!

Thanks for the design. Could you post or send me the design files?

I need to modify the design to fit my low IPD. This design causes the inner corners to touch my eyebrows and is really uncomfortable. I could reshape the corners to allow low IPD users to still do the mod (60-62 IPD) without effecting the functionality.


Hello horendus,

got the same problem like you. Did you get any solution for that? If not hearing from you, ill try to build a prototype adapter for low IPD (handmade). Just missing 1 or 2 mm for the right distance.

his or her adapter is posted here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2885990
IMO, it's not because of ipd (mine is only 58mm), it's just the shape of your brow is different than mine.

GearVR to Vive Lens Adapter (Refined)

hi all got my mate to print out some adopters and send to me but did not realize you recommend setting the printer to 15% infull he has printer them at a restoration of .2 and 30% full will they still work ok being more infull??

thanks guys

Yeah, no problem. Just makes them stronger.

Hi everyone- I do not have a 3d printer- is anyone selling these 'ready made'? Thanks

Thingiverse offers a few options for ordering prints if you click on Order This Printed. Lots of other companies as well like 3d hubs, shapeway, and some libraries do it.

Thank you for your reply- I've since realized that now- first time doing something like this- what material is best to choose to 3d print with? .PLA? And what 'infill' percentage and 'layer thickness' is best? I do not need glasses with my HTC Vive stock lenses so I assume I only need to order two units of v3.2- is that correct (one for each eye as they are identical and not different left to right)? Since the gear vr lenses/ adapter combo are closer to your eyes are they pressing anywhere on the face (especially bony parts like the eye sockets etc) thus making it uncomfortable to use or did v3.2 definitely fix this? Thanks so much!

Yes just get two of the v3.2. I wear them as close as possible for max fov (touching my eye socket), but you might need to move the faceplace adjustment knobs out a couple clicks depending on your face shape.

For the material PLA should be fine, you can get the infill at 100% since its a small part, the layer thickness should be 0.2mm.

Anyone tested this out with the 2015 gearvr lenses?

yes I made adapters to try it. It is not good: the barrel distortion is much worse and the fov is much lower. Not worth it.

I really want to use these lenses but I currently also use the prescription lenses I got from VR lens lab that fit over the original lenses and the plastic around said lenses. Now the increased height wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t all so much thinner than the original size and shape of the vive lenses. Is there a way you could possibly create an adapter that increases the thickness of the plastic around the diameter of the new lenses so that I can use my prescription lenses. I understand that may limit my nose clearance but being able to see would probably be more important than a comfortable nose

OK, you can try these. I think they should work anyway.

I haven't tried yet but can these LensLabAdapters print without supports? It would seem so. Supports would be minor but just asking!!

Great parts.

I can't remember if I used them or not. The top part might sag a bit because of the groove between the upper and lower rings.

Hello, first of all a lot of respect for the great work. I also use the optical lens caps (but of the German company VR-Lens) and your adapter fits perfectly on it !!) I hope you can help me, I'm totally frustrated because the lenses of the bought for the project gear-VR model 2016 ( SM-R323) have only 38mm diameter, but the inner diameter of your LensLab adapter is 42mm. This diameter has the lenses of gear-VR model 2017 (SM-R324).
The shape of the lens is also different, there is only a tiny straight section. The longest measure is there 37.7mm.
Would it be possible that you create a file for this inner diameter? I hope the photos help...

I just checked the box, I have the the SM-R323 with 42 mm lens. It sounds like you have the 2015 model SM-R322 - is it white? Anyway, I have both models and also made adapters for the 38 mm lens (attached). The adapter is quite different, since the focal length of the lens is much shorter. It's a 3-piece design that puts the lens closer to the screen. Unfortunately I did not get good results with those lenses. The field of view is much narrower and the barrel distortion is much worse. I don't recommend it.

Yes it is white, thanks for the file and the info about the expected result. I assumed that there are only 2 different product years, unfortunately I have now ordered a 2017 model (SM-R324) with 42mm lens. Does the LensLabAdapter and the barrel distortion file match?

The 2017 should be OK, I think the lenses are the same as the 2016 (SM-R323).
The distortion files that are posted were made without a lenslab adapter, so I don't know what sort of effect it would have on the distortion. I know at least one person tried it, but I didn't hear how well it worked (just that it fit).

Seems to fit just fine. Thanks. Picture of it installed on the left lens

awesome, I'll let the other person know. thanks.

Good day,

I'm new to printing. What material is best to use?


PLA is the most common for home printers, I'm not sure about the commercial ones though.

Thanks for your reply. I've done some searching since and it looks like ABS is fairly common for commercial. I'm just not sure that or PLA would be better for this application.

Either would work fine for this, but ABS is more durable.

Is the 3.2 model symmetric for left and right eye (do I need to flip about the y axis?)

It's symmetric, just rotate to line up the nose cutout

Has anyone made this in clear? Does it give any additional peripheral ambient lighting? You know for immersion?

The one in the picture is actually "clear" PLA. The plastic is too thick to let much light through - it just looks white. If there was ambient lighting effect, I didn't notice (although I wasn't looking for it).

I feel kinda dumb but will there be visual instructions on how to assemble this? It seems easy enough, but I get my v3.1 in a couple days and would love to make sure I got assembly correct.

Yes I just made a really terrible video. I'm going to edit it and post it this weekend.

This is awesome - printed out v3.1 with a 3rd party and the lenses fit perfectly.

I have found that the inside top edge of the adapter will press against my face in an uncomfortable way. Did v3.2 fix this? (Is that what you mean by improved ergonomics...?) Asking so I know if it's worth printing the newest version.

I'm also thinking I could shave that down a bit / make it protrude less with some sanding potentially.

thanks! Yes v3.2 was exactly for that reason. You could potentially just sand it down too, depending how solid you made it.


one of the VFocusSTL (don't know if left or right) gives me a way to big tolerance on the thread.

I can just move the ring onto the base without the need for screwing. The other side is ok.

I'll take a look at it. The right and left models are just mirror images of each other - the tolerances in the stl files should be identical.

So I reprinted the new separated STLs.
Left is ok.

Right is veeeery loose.
Minimum force needed to push the ring onto the base without screwing.

Seems to be a problem with printing or sliceing, since at the old combined print the right was ok and the left was loose.

You may still recheck.

Thanks. I checked them anyway, both right and left are identical in terms of thread diameters. For the next version I'll try to tighten them up a bit without making them too hard to adjust.

Comments deleted.

And it would be nice to have the base and the ring separately and not combined into one STL.

Worked awesome!

If you do another update I'd add a small 0.5-1.0mm fillet on the inside of the flat edge so the lens is easier to pop in.

Thanks. OK, I think I know what you mean. Actually, I am looking at changing how the lens fits in.

ooh i was just about to try and get these printed. Should I hold off ?

It will probably take another week for a change to the lens holder part. The current one works fine to most people, but a couple people had issues. btw I just uploaded V3.2 which has better egonomics, so print that one if you don't want to wait.

Hello again mate. I had the adjustable ones printed to try until the new version came along. Unfortunately I suspect the print is faulty as I can't get either of the rings to screw on. Probably a silly question but is there any easy way of telling from the prints which is left and which is right, which discs belong with which, which way up etc?

Right, the threads are opposite so you definitely need to match up the right ones. Clockwise for the right eye and counterclockwise for the left. I never thought to label them, unfortunately. You should be able to tell by inspecting them closely.
The flat ring is the piece that fits into the vive lens hole. It doesn't matter which side is down. It's easier to screw them together and inserting the lens before putting them in the vive. Hope that helps.
My first attempt at improving the lens holder was a bust btw.

Hey man, first off, thanks for doing this. My 2016 Gear VR is on its way and I’m really excited to take a crack at this. I have never printed anything before. Do I print everything in the folder or just the adapters?

Hey, you just need to print two of AdapterV3_2. (unless you need the focusing ones; then print them instead, but they are a bit fussier to make).

That's cool mate, if you think it's worth hanging on for, I'll hang on. It's no small thing this, so worth doing right!

Nice! I would like to try these myself but I need to get some of these lenses. Do you know where I can get the gear vr lenses? Do I have to buy a full gear vr to get them or are there spares available somewhere? Also, there appear to be several versions of gear vr. Which specific model of gear vr has the correct lenses for this adapter or do they all use the same lens? Thanks!

I haven't seen the lenses by themselves sold anywhere. People seem to be either taking them from their own Gear VR's, or picking up cheap used ones. You need the 2016 model, which has 42 mm lenses.

Welp im glad i didnt get rid of that gear vr yet.

Any chance you could upload the cad files? I'd like to tweak to try a super cheap set of lenses from a cardboard.

Hi, I'm using Blender it doesn't have cad format. The export options are stl, obj, dae, 3dx.

Hi, if you don't mind posting the blend file or something, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm wanting to try to make it work with these prescription lens holders https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2839571

I don't have a Gear VR yet so I don't know how well it will work. It definitely works well for the original Vive lenses, though.

HTC Vive VR Optics Remix
by Drawcut

You can just import the .stl files directly into blender (goto: file, import, Stl). You might need to enable that option in user preferences first (file, user preferences, add-ons, import-export, import-export Stl format).

Good luck, hopefully it will work if you custom make it to fit.

Blender for precise sizing? I didn't know it could do that.

Yeah, it's pretty versatile.

Thanks for making this!

No problem, it was fun to do. Hopefully some people find it useful.

Got my gear VR lenses in hand, will print these out next soon as my current part finishes!