Anycubic I3 Mega Prusa i3 X-Carriage Converter

by petrzmax Mar 28, 2018
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Hi, i print all the part and mount my E3DV6 Ckone but it's really to high and i can't adjust my plate to print

Move Your Z enstop.

Thanks man, that was a fast reply

no matter how much I push the belt won't go in it's slot :(
also adjusting the tention with this is SO HARD

This fan of the EF series (5015 Sunon Fan: http://bit.ly/2pLkG2l) without adjustment of turns. Must be Sunon MF5015


Could anyone please provide a link for a working (longer) belt which seems to be required for this build?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, one question this carriage is 50 mm between rods? THANKS!

Hi can you tell me on what the Fan sits on.Do i need to make the Fan support on my own.Sorry for the silly message.

Printed this and the Bowden X-Carriage Mount for E3D V6 earlier this year and have finally got around to printing my first item.
Thanks for a great design and all the awesome advice!
Great work!

Thanks for Your kind words, I appreciate it :)

Any idea on the length of belt needed please?

A bit longer than stock ones.

Thanks for this great design! I order almost all the stuff for this and the Goliath Extruder, only 2 things left now, you mentioned, that you need a longer belt, can you recommend one. And how RJZM-02-08 bearings are required to build all this or can i stick with the old ones?

You can stick with the old ones.

If i counted right it should to be 8 bearings and when i swap them out i probably should swap the couplers and shafts too.
But it's not necessary for this upgrade?

Read my Anycubic I3 Mega upgrade guide there is everything. I'm using 6 bearings.

I did and can you tell which belt for X- axis you used? :-) sorry for being annoying

I wasn't branded or something. Just both one from my local store.

Hey, will it fit the igus polymer bushings you recommended?

As You can see on the photos.

Oh, I didnt see them. One another thing: Can I print it in PLA? I mean the whole carriage and also the prusa hotend mount. I only have enough ABS for a fanduct. Will it be Possible? And also big thanks to your huge work :)

Some parts could be printed with PLA, but I don't recommend it. There is a lot of heat etc. Use PETG for best performance and durability.

Thabk you for your design it's a really good job but I have some questions that might be silly.
Does it work with the e3d titan aero kit?
One more question. Does the printer need to be reset in order to correct the x y z homing? I asking cz the dimensions are not the same as the stock.

Oh! sorry I thought you had said you didn't use it anymore.
How did you wire it in? I am thinking of fittingone myself.
Did you keep the original gorilla board?

Check my I3 Mega upgrade guide.

Hi, Any reason you don't use the BL Touch anymore?

? I'm using it.

Proste pytanie - mocowanie jest na 3 łożyska czy 4? Czy nadadzą się najprostsze polimerowe?

Oryginał był na czterech, jak pewnie widzisz na zdjęciach ja wykorzystałem 3.

Dzięki za odpowiedź :)

Jeszcze jedno pytanie - czy mogę użyć normalnych metalowych łożysk do reprapa?
np: 4 sztuki tych: https://allegro.pl/lozyska-liniowe-fi8-8mm-lm8uu-reprap-drukarka-3d-i7283316189.html albo nawet i 6 sztuk.

No raczej nikt Ci tego nie zabroni.

Hi, i changed my drivers with tmc2208 (versiyon 04). Every axis but right z axis works now. I check the cable and stepper continuity, they are okey. Do you have any suggestion

Maybe this stepper driver is broken.

i replaced z axis between each other and it seems to be working. But there is a flaw. When moving z axis, one of them (somethimes left, sometimes right) seems to have insufficient torque so lags behind with an annoying noise.

Check if the stepper current is set high enough.

I print this to try but upon fitting it it seems my stock belt is too short to fit. am I doing something wrong

You need a longer belt.

It would be nice if you mention it as a requirement in the details

Hi Petrzmax,
I have been slowly making my way through all the upgrades you have documented in your Anycubic I3 Mega ULTIMATE Upgrade Guide. The fans and the Stepper drivers make an amazing difference. I am currently looking to upgrade the stock bearings to the Igus RJZM-02-08 bearings as well as the Igus shafts.
I was wondering if you could confirm how many RJZM-02-08 bearings are required, is it 3 for the X carriage and 3 for the Y plate?
Also is your Anycubic I3 Mega Prusa i3 X-Carriage Converter designed to use the RJZM-02-08 bearings or the standard linier bearings?
Thanks for all the hard work that you have put into all these upgrades.

Hey, the hotend seems to be way too far from the bed, even though i have it very loosened

Make Your Z0 position lower.

Please, I need your help. Ive made this X-Carriage Mount for E3D V6, everything is fine, but my 5015 Sunon Fan doesnt work. When I plug it into hotend cooling connector it is working, when I plug stock cooler to the proper connector it is working. So, Sunon fan is ok, connector is ok. What could be the problem?

Maybe the polarity is wrong when connecting to proper plug?

Checked. Polarity is ok.

Weird - if it's ok, it should work fine.

I found in aliexpress in Sunon fan feedbacks: "Not working when regulated with PWM (for example on Anet A8), but it can be used if you equip it with low pass filter (I have used 1000uF and 75 ohm)".
Will try. Thanks.

Weird, mine is working fine with pwm.

I love the look and open space, but i like to see my nozzle, and it loooks here its covered


I dont understand, why do I have to change the spin direction of the x motor and where can I do this?
Thanks in advance

The belt is mounted in different way and the carriage will move in different direction. You can do this in Your software configuration file or by connecting motor connector in opposite way.

Hello, could you please elaborate a little more why you have to change te motor direction?

Why does it matter since the belt can be considered a closed loop thus will spin the the same way?

Look at Your belt. When You move carriage one part of the belt goes left another goes right. If You attach Carriage to different side it will move in different direction while motor will spin in the same.

Hello, you are right. The top portion of the belt is now fixed to the carriage, whereas the original carriage has the lower part, thus turning to the other side.
I will try to find out on how to configure it in the slicer... Any ideas on how to do it using Cura and S3D?

You need to do it in printer firmware, or by swapping motor connections.

Wait, what? Why you can't simply rotate the carriage, having the belt fixed in the bottom? Isn't it simetric except for the hole to hold the belt holder? :D

It's possible but I didn't know about it when remixing this part.

Just look at it from the belt side. Invert it. Done. No need to fiddle with motor wiring or firmware!

Did anyone end up inverting the belt mount? I'm not going to mess around with motor-rewiring or firmware changes.

Yes, I did that.

I still have to finish the assembly. But right now I have the x-carriage mounted upside down and it works.
Now I just have to find a way to mount the PCB-holder. Maybe I'll just glue it to the cage... or just drill the needed holes.

Do you mind sharing more instructions on how to reverse the x-motor? I am a newbie.

Heyo quick question, about to install this to solve the stupid bed center/middle too high (and I've tried replacing everything to no avail), I must use the V6 hotend (geniune or clone)? can't use the stock V5 hotend? Thanks.

V5 is too big, You need V6. I'm using clone, without problems.

If it's a good clone it should work.

Thanks hopefully it does, if not I'll use the link you provided. Hopefully this will "fix" the stupid center of bed higher than sides issue I have (I've replace almost everything, y carriage and linear rods, heatbed and glass and still higher in center.

Can you please share STEP files as well?

Yep, uploaded right now. Unfortunately without belt holder - I have lost the file or I was just modifying the STL.

Question on BLtouch settings - do you have values for these?

I had measured it but I don't use it anymore so unfortunately I don't have it.

i have problem with X end stop. It touch fan :D

I have shortened the leaver of endstop so now it touches fan case ;) Try it out.

Could you please provide some details on this? Just cur or bend?

I have just cutted the "U" part (little bend at the beginning of the leaver) with the pliers.

Thanks. Can you share your source code of firmware? Thanks

I'm working on upgrade guide for I3 Mega and I will share my code when it's finished. My code has a lot of modifications, and it needs explanation.

plz, make holes for cable holder on bottom side.
This will make possible to mount this holder upside-down without motor direction changing


This mod has nothing to do with extruder.

I meant hotend... I was wrong... sorry!!!!

It's using e3d V6 hotend. Original one is V5.