3D Printed Mustang p51. 900mm. Version 2. Optimized with extra features

by digitalworks Mar 24, 2018
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Hello. I am interested in making your P51, but I am a bit lost with all the files available. Should we print everything or only versions .1, .2… thanking you.

Nice, I like it. Give em something to fight, like ME109 or FW190!!

It came out 1000gr
But the wait could be reduced

1kg of frame weight? - plastic only? - without motor and battery?
With this span if you go beyond 900grams the flight will be very very difficult.
I've been flying nitro aircombat models (http://www.aircombat.pl/ACES) - your model also fits in 1:12 scale - so these are same animals.
But our models were 0.9 - 1.1 kg ready to fly with fuel. And they were very difficult to hand launch.
The optimum weight for this model to fly resonably is 1 kg max... - the lower the better.

Yes, plastic only.
I had to know the results. It can be reduced to 800 gr by changing print settings only.
More 40% is possible by re building with reduced measurements.
I will attempt the flight with this one soon.
But sounds like there will be version 3
Thanks a lot

Your welcome. Aero engineering is an iterative process :) Let us know how was the first flight.

Do you have estimated weight of printed parts?
Did you use any particular airfoil?
I see that some fuse parts will require support for printing. Any recommendations for that?

Yes, I have noticed I missed a few there. I will upload re-sliced parts to make sure no support needed.
I did use the appropriate p51 airfoil from the airfoil website.
I will update you about the estimated weight. For now I only printed the sliding cockpit windshield and it is 22gr

In regards to airfoil - this may not have been the best decision you made. The velocity nor air molecules do not scale thus the scaled airfoil may not work at all. The P51 had a "laminar" airfoil that is very tricky. If it won't fly good don't be surprised. It may just stal too quickly or have actual more drag than typical airfoil. You should have used something from RC aircraft experience like NACA2412 or Clark Y or SDXXXX family airfoil.
Either way I wish you luck in printing and flying. Definitely my favourite project on Thingi so far.

Soon will finish printing. Uploading images as they come out of printers. This is my first 3D printed plane. If it fails to fly, I will redesign the wings. Thank you for the suggestions and feedback.

GREAT ! ! !
I ordered STL files from 3Dlabprint, but your plane is COOL.