CR-10 Dual 120mm Fan Amazing Bigery Case Remix

by replayreb Mar 28, 2018
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Installed this on my printer last night and SHOCKED at how much quieter and cooler it runs!
Control box is now dead silent and I feel plenty of cool air flowing out of all the vent holes. I love it!

Which fan is used for this mod. Im not familiar with difference of pwm, uln, 4 pin, 3 pin and such

Any 2 pin fan will be enough as it will be always on, but if you want to use noctuas, the FLX are OK. The ULN are OK as well and are Ultra Low Noise (hence ULN) but they will provide less CFM and air pressure, and having to force the air around the PSU maybe are not the best compared to the FLX

I made this but used 2 fairly cheap 120mm fans. The noise was a lot worse than the standard fans but I kept it as the cooling was much better. Would using Noctua fans make much difference? Thanks

Years ago I bought a large case fan that was too loud so I hated to pay so much for a Noctua but I tried it and it was a huge difference. I'm a little surprised yours are too loud though because usually the larger 120 mm fans of any brand are fairly quiet but yes, I would try a Noctua.

Doesnt seem to fit in cura for the S10. Any thoughts?

Increase the print bed size in the machine settings in Cura to 307mm x 307mm (may want to try 306x306 first) and that will allow you to export the gcode but it will fit on the bed when it prints.

the whole idea was to make the control box silent. There is no way im leaving any original stock fan inside.
You decided to make this mod but your new fans blowing both out? I don't understand why you left the mainboard fan. The 120 mm are big enough to create way more flow and cooling.

The main board fan is thermostatically controlled and almost silent so I left it in. It is the power supply fan and to a lesser degree the rear exhaust fan that are loud. So far as choosing to push or pull the air from what I've read PC builders tend to agree that pulling the air from a case is slightly more effective for cooling. It's like your poop fan in your bathroom; You want to suck it out not blow it back in hoping it finds the front door lol

To me it is the exact opposite. The PSU fan and the rear expelling fans are perfect, only the mobo fan is very noisy and rattles as hell.

I thought it was odd when everyone was saying their PSU fan was quiet but not the others when my PSU fan was very loud. Anyway you don't need any of them with a big fan underneath.

lol, im good so far, one in one out, removed all stock fans. im even considering trying one fan

Is it dangerous to remove all original fans ?

Looks great, I was wondering does anyone know if this will fit the CR-10 Mini controller box?

I don't suppose there is any chance of uploading the openSCAD file to allow custom modifications?

I'm sorry I just saw your message. I'll upload it right now.

Many thanks. I still haven't got around to making one fro my CR-10 Mini so this will be a great start.

Can you make one of these for the Tevo Tornado?

Did you remove all old 3 fans from controlbox?

I removed all of them except the one mounted to the main board. I say all of them but really just remove the little rear exhaust fan because when you remove the power supply cover to do this mod you are removing the power supply fan by default as it is mounted to the cover.

Hey guys, is there a video I can watch to see how to do the wiring?

I don't have a video but if you buy Noctua fans they usually each come with an extension cable and splitter. Plug each fan into the splitter then plug one of the extension cables into the other end of the splitter and cut the end off and strip the ends of the wires. I happened to have an adapter from another Noctua fan that converted the yellow and black wires to red and black but the yellow wire is 12+ and the black wire is ground. Loosen the screws on the 3rd and 4th terminal of the CR10's power supply and tighten the yellow wire on the red wire and the black wire on the black wire. When the CR10 is powered on the fans will start and when you turn it off the fans will stop.

PWM Fan Wire Pinout
1 GND Black
2 12 V Yellow
3 Sense Green
4 Control Blue

Hey guys, is there a video I can watch to see how to do the wiring?

This is the same for the CR-10S ? I read that the control box of the CR-10s was bigger ?

i printer for my cr-10s, no problems.

This is pretty neat. I wish we could have printable legs (in case we don't want to wait for amazon shipping) and perhaps a card to go between the fans to prevent recirculation in case we opt to have one intake and one exhaust fan.

Would you be willing to design some small legs to go with this? If not, I'd be happy to whip some up in Fusion360 - I just need the external diameter of the top and bottom, the height, and the diameters of the screw hole and the bore where the screw-head goes.

That would work great then you can use these more common rubber bumpers to stick on the bottom if there are any vibrations. They are 0.5 inches or 12.7mm in diameter so they would fit perfectly on the bottom. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B003IJRZ6C

That gives me an idea. I will make a cap that will cover the hole in the feet. Then they will have a flat surface so you can stick any kind of rubber or silicone feet you have around the house. Personally I have these silicone "bumpons" - https://www.ebay.ie/itm/100-Silicone-Rubber-Feet-Bumpons-Clear-Round-Self-Adhesive-Anti-Slip-Circle-8mm/172638753096?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=471450955179&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

I will update the original thing file here with the caps - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2992912

Feet for CR-10 Dual 120mm Fan Bigery Remix
by LMF5000

Voila. I still have to make a test-print to fine-tune the interference fit between the foot and the cap, and to make sure the chamfer in the cap is big enough to insert a screwdriver to prise off the cap (and to check that the fan screw goes through the hole in the foot!)

Oh and I found these when I googled rubber feet ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit - saw that most of the info is on the amazon listing. I will fire up fusion360 ;)

Hang on I'll get the measurements. brb

Voila: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2992912

I just saw your message, will tweak and re-upload. Thanks :)

Feet for CR-10 Dual 120mm Fan Bigery Remix
by LMF5000

OK, I only needed to adjust the internal height, I initially designed that 9mm dimension as 11mm.

I made the central hole 2mm instead of 3mm. When printed the actual hole diameter will be something like 2.5mm since holes always come out smaller than designed.

Thanks for making this remix. Hope to be printing mine tomorrow :)

Wow that was fast! lol

Hehe, I actually started before you sent the measurements. They were all in the amazon listing except for that 9mm and the 2mm.

You should try Fusion360 if you haven't already. This only took a 5-minute sketch and a revolve - and being fully parametric I just adjusted the dimensions and the model reconstructed automatically with the new dimensions. And best of all it's free for hobbyists ;)

Hi, any guid to where to connect the fans? An image or link to a guid would be great. Love the design.

I used the 12 volts on the terminal strip of the CR-10's main board. It's the second pair of terminals...

A little overkill I would say. I have one 120mm coolermaster silencio fan with inline speed reducer connected to original fan header.. I run it as exhaust, because I don't want crap to tangle into the fan. I have also removed the rear fan altogether and also put the control board fan on silicone rubber o-rings.. With the noctua heatsink fan, the stock parts cooler is the loudest part. The cooling for the control box is really adequate with one 120mm fan. And with the airflow slots on the left side of the control box, I put a wide tape on the lower slots but not the upper ones.

I printed it 2 times with an enclosure and the length doesnt fit on my PSU, its just to short. I drilled 2 new holes and didnt screw the middle one in and now it sits but its seems my PSU seems to be strange

fuck yes dude. I've got a different one now, and this is much better since it screws on

How do you screw in the fans? All small holes on the bottom are for the feet, right?

That big screw in the picture is the fan screw. You thread it through the feet and base and into the fan mount hole on the other side.

alright, got it, time to search for feet with fitting diameter then :)

Get these 17mm x 13mm feet. They are a perfect fit...

I would if I could but I am from Germany, they don't seem to be available here.

I searched Amazon.de and ebay.de but couldn't find the same ones but I think I found them on ebay.com and ebay.es (France) shipping from Hong Kong. Basically the feet can't be wider than 17mm or the edges will stick out from the sides of the case/base and really need to be at least 10mm and preferably 13mm tall.
Can you order either of these listings from Germany? I'm not sure if it's possible but I accidentally ordered something from ebay's Canadian website one time and it showed up. lol

P.S. Well I just noticed the ebay.com listing has Germany listed as a shipping exclusion but the France listing does not.

Thanks for searching, really nice from you :)
For now I was thinking about printing small feet, but I will consider buying them instead.

I would probably have fans sucking air in via the bottom and blowing it out through the top and into the control box. I would also fit some filters to the fans.... you'd be amased at how much dust getings inside things when fans are on for hours a day.

Did you connect the second fan to the original power supply fan wires? That way the second fan only comes on as needed. I would think one 120mm fan will flow about 4 times the oiriginal air flow anyways.. Did you remove the back 40mm fan (by the switch). What about the fan by the LCD?

Many Thanks for the share

Thanks! I connected the fans to the 12V terminals on the power supply, not the original fan lead. I read a lot about CR-10 fan mods beforehand and a lot of people said their power supply fan only turned on after it warmed up but my CR-10S' loud power supply fan came on when you powered it up and ran continuously. Perhaps it was a design change or maybe I have a bad thermostat or something. The only stock fan I left in the control box is the one that blows directly across the control board. That one does cycle on and off and is very quiet. I did remove the rear exhaust fan.

can you take a picture of where you connected the fans to the 12V terminals on the power supply? Did you just connect both fans together and then connected it to the terminals?

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I noticed you have both fans as exhaust, I'm running both of mine as intakes at full speed, I'm thinking of trying the silencer adapters but I'm not sure if it would cause any overheating problems.

Thanks, very nice and clean!

Thanks! I was worried there wouldn't be enough clearance underneath using those rubber feet but there is plenty of airflow. If I put a rubber skirt around it and switched to the higher pressure P12 or F12 Noctua fans I could probably get it to hover. lol