Another dice tower

by Lau85 Mar 25, 2018
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Could anyone recommend a bottle available in the UK?

I'm having trouble printing the top. (0 for 5) The filament stops coming out about an hour or so into the print. The nozzle ends up getting clogged as well. After 2 failures I switch out the nozzle, but got the same results. I increase the nozzle temperature during the print but it still failed. After 5 failures I decided to come here and ask for some advice. Everything else printed fine.

Ok so BOTTLE problems. I have been to 5 places that say they have the 1.5l smart water in stock and they dont. HOWEVER. There is an essentia 9.5 ph water that is 1.5L as well. Bottle looks similar. Has anyone tried it? I bought a 2 L soda thinking i could just cut it down. But nope. Not tall enough before it starts curving in.

PrusaSlicer is telling me that the Knight has 28 errors that were auto-repaired. It still looks okay, but you might want to examine the model and fix the errors.

nice Tower.
But on the Top V2, can you make the Walls higher, please?
Maybe 2 cm?

Downloaded this a while ago (maybe the older file, not sure?) and had lots of trouble with the tray. To anyone having trouble printing the tray with the tiny banister columns, I manged to get my 4th attempt to finish nicely by using the suggestions of badpistachio listed below; I reduced the print speed to half, turned on Z hop (in Cura) and setting max Z speed to 30mm/s. Is a little stringy but easy to clean up and otherwise perfect! I love this model and will be painting and weathering it soon. Thanks Lau85 for sharing.

Just went around my local Tesco superstore (UK) printed off as per instructions (luckily only crown at the instructed size but the crown did not fit any of the bottles in there? any ideas (they only had small smart water bottles!

Printed all parts without modifications and all turned out great. I am however having issues with the base. The top fits the bottle perfectly but the base is too small. Anyone else run into this? Any suggestions on how much to modify the size?

I definitely ran into the same problem. My slicer settings are dialed in very well, I have good dimensional accuracy and all. Measuring the printed pieces, diameter slots for the bottle are way off between top and bottom. I dont want to waste any more time on this

That's strange. I've checked the model again and the bottom and top slots are matching. Inner diameter 86mm, outer diameter 88mm. The tower has been printed many times by now, no doubt a design flaw like that would have been detected sooner.

Maybe? My print wouldn't fit the bottles so I made the tower walls someone else had made for this and the top is too big. I figured a .936 size reduction for the top on my sli3er so not sure how the percents works out. Working on the resize now for the top.

wanting to attempt this anyone in Australia had any luck? if so what bottle and size? :) :) if not ill have an attempt soon :)

Haven't printed but I've seen someone use A4 Laminate sheet/pouches because we dont really sell 1.5L bottles in Australia, give Kmart or Officeworks a shot

Has anyone tried printing this in something like Formfutura Stonefil? I'm going to give it a shot.

Terribly. Stonefill is already pretty brittle and it was worse in this model. I used PETG instead with 3 shells to makes the banister solid.

If you do so i would love to see your make :).

This is great!.
I did print spiral with tree support in cura,
But everything else was great.
The tray did knock a couple of banisters, but just gives is a decayed look ;)
Perhaps need to slow down the print speed.


I re-printed the Tray v2 without supports and 0,1 layers and got a very good result after you alterations. Thanks!

Glad to hear it, thanks

Just printed the tray version 2 with no supports and it came out perfect! I used S3D and made the base with 20% infill and then changed the banisters to 50% infill, but that may not have even been necessary.

For those in the U.S. that are having a hard time finding the bottle, try searching for Smart Water 50.7 oz. It's the same bottle, but in Imperial units. Once I did that, it popped up everywhere.

Did you need to scale it at all for that bottle?

I scaled it to 103.5%

I am having the HARDEST time printing the tray (Tray.stl not TrayPlain.stl). By banisters keep breaking while printing. What settings are you using to print this: layer height, speed, etc.?

I had the same trouble with the balusters breaking. Finally resolved it by tweaking my settings in Cura. Specifically, there is an option under Travel titled "Z hop when retracted." Essentially, it lowers your build plate during retraction to avoid knocking the balusters over with your nozzle. At least, I think that's what solved it. I also printed it at 50 percent speed.

Yea, I tried a bunch of different settings, and I got one that was ALMOST perfect haha. I'm looking forward to seeing what changes might be implemented. :)

Thanks for the tips, I've heard more people say that's an issue.
I'll see if I can fix it.

Awesome! Thanks!!!

What settings are you using to print it? I've seen a shop on Etsy selling it, so they must not be having issues printing it, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what settings will make it print without breaking the banisters.

I printed the parts of the tower itself (not tray) without supports in almost perfect state on a Ultimaker S5 (PLA and Layer @ 0.15). Great work with the construction style for supportless printing @ Lau85!

When i printed the Tray.stl i got 9 broken banisters on one and 1 broken banister on the other side (without supports). Afterwards i previewed the build with supports. Don't want to print that - looks hard to remove all the tiny supports, especially on the door.

I would very much appreciate an update on the Tray.stl with a little bit thicker banisters + thicker and longer side-extensions on the upper sides of the banisters, so they really connect as a bow. Would increase the chance of a flawless supportless print.

Thank you!

I agree. Making the banisters thicker would absolutely help. That is the only problem I keep having, and I have tried three different filaments with multiple variations of settings. I even sliced the tray to only be the banisters, so I would only waste but so much filament in trying to find the perfect settings (still haven't found them after eight attempts....).

I had the same trouble with the balusters breaking. Finally resolved it by tweaking my settings in Cura. Specifically, there is an option under Travel titled "Z hop when retracted." Essentially, it lowers your build plate during retraction to avoid knocking the balusters over with your nozzle. At least, I think that's what solved it. I also printed it at 50 percent speed.

you might want to get this link checked out. looks like your tower. though i know there are a lot of them about but this one looks just like yours without the front part removed https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/633093964/clear-dice-tower-with-spiral-staircase?ref=shop_home_active_5&ep_click=1

hey, thanks for the great design, but i wanted to ask, do you have the 3d files in .obj format ? I'm trying to adapt the tower so i could use an acrylic tube wich are 2-3mm wide. And the .stl is more than a pain to work with, a lot of the bolean division arent possible.
I will of course post the result and mention you.

You probably have solved it by now, but all you have to do is this:
Download Blender from blender.org
Import the STL
Export as OBJ

I have tried 3 times to print the base the arch way keeps breaking. I am not modeling expert and can't seem to import to Fusion 360 so I can cut the arch way and print separately preferably flat. Can you can make those two separate models?

For all those living in Germany:
I used a 1,25l evian water bottle (https://www.lieferello.de/Sortiment/evian-Mineralwasser-still-1-25l.html?refId=adwords_product&channelId=SEA&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqKPq0_fI4AIVwuJ3Ch2cMgiyEAkYAyABEgJi7_D_BwE).

If you use that bottle you need to scale down all parts to 93,5%.
With this scale, the bottle fits like a charm :)

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I found an alternate for the 1.5L Smart Water bottle. Wegman's has their store brand version called "BE U Alkaline Water" that comes in a 1.5L size for $1.49. It's the identical size of the Smart Water bottle -- i.e. scale your print to 103.5%.

This might be a dumb question, should I be gluing the crown to the top portion or does it just set inside the top portion?

Wondering the same. Anyone?

I ended up not gluing it together and the bottle holds everything together well.

Incredible and ingenious!

For anyone using a 1.5L smart water bottle: peanut butter removes the label and scale the model to 103.5%

I used a hair dryer to heat up the glue and then canola oil to rub it off. Basically any oil will remove the tacky adhesive used to put labels on plastic. The top piece fit without scaling, but the bottom is tight enough to cause issues...good to know about the scaling.

Thanks . I did not know about the pb !!!!

Great dice tower! I ended up modding the bejeezus out of my version of it, but thank you much for putting yours out there for us to print and mod!

Hey, that's some cool stuff. I might use that idea for a railing some time. It could make it work without a bottle.

Dude, go for it. I debated on making "time out" holders (for bad dice) along the areas that are not used, but with the one I use (the double spiral, so it's flatter stairs), there is less room. Yours would have lots of room to add little features like that if desired.

I was just wondering what kind of paint was used to make the tower look like stone?

Hey, Capt1ve made a tower with a very beautiful stone texture i think (https://www.thingiverse.com/make:509148). He used Rust-oleum Accents Stone Creations paint

Another dice tower
by Capt1ve

Found a video on removing the label from the smart water bottle

Comments deleted.

I printed v2 of this tower (which seems to have been pulled from Thingiverse, and I can guess why). The core model printed great! I used a 1.5L SmartWater bottle, and it fit perfectly in the base. Cutting the height was much trickier... I wound up cutting the bottom of the bottle off straight, then assembling the model and sliding the bottle into the base. I rotated it around the spiral stairs, holding a sharpie level with the top of the stairs, so I had a cut line. A little bit of sanding afterwards to take out an unevenness with the cut, and it was good to go.

As for v2, the problem with it was obvious as soon as I tried it for the firs time V2 has a cobblestone circular tray to catch the dice. However, the groves between the stones are deep enough that it was causing the d20 to roll into the gaps, leaving the die sitting at an angle, where it was impossible to tell what number it was on. Fortunately, the fix was easy enough. I had a small bottle of XTC 3D resin. I just mixed up enough to cover the cobbles in the base, and let it dry. I was left with a rock hard, glass smooth base for my dice to land on. It works great! If you plan on releasing the v2 model again, I would change the catching tray to simply have a flat bottom, or instruct people to use resin to level it out. Either way would work fine. Thanks for the model, this is my new favorite dice tower!

I actually bought some of the 3D resin but I don't think I'm going to use it because my d20 doesn't seem to have any problems. Maybe it's a new version that was uploaded or something but if you're like me and You haven't finished it yet I would wait to see if the tray truly needs the resin or not before you buy some. Not that it's a big deal I'll use it for something else I'm sure but I don't think you really need it for this one

Are you in the US? as I have been having a tough time finding a proper water bottle that fits.. thanks!

Yes! Look for the 1.5L smart water bottles. I see them at Publix and Target now. I'm currently living on the gulf coast.

I just printed this as is on a tevo tornado and it came out flawless. I printed the mid stair section standing up with supports and everything came out just fine. now to find some sort of plastic bottle that will finish it. Thanks for the design.

What is the minimum size it should be? My wife and I really want to make this, but also dont want to go to a 2L bottle size to make it work (hard to find decent sized bottles that are straight).. That being said we have a couple of options but I think the leader right now is at .84 of the original.

Scaling upward is no problem, unless you go insanely big. For scaling downward, the main issue is that the margins will shrink as well. The original has a margin of .5mm on either side of the bottle, which shrinks in proportion to the amount you scale it with. It depends on the accuracy of your printer, but I'd say a scale of .8, resulting in a margin of .4mm, will still be no problem.

Ok, awesome! we have been concerned about space at the table, and we could see this being a popular item with our players.. Every year we do a christmas gift exchange, my wife wants this to be one of the items we give..

Anyone can post a name/brand of water that will fit in Europe?
Smart Water in 1.5L is not an option :(

Did you already print it? If not, you can first find a bottle and then scale the parts to fit. Uniformly scale all the parts by X=d/87, where d is the diameter of your bottle in mm, the length of the bottle that you need will be X*170.
If you've printed it already, I used a Dr.Pepper bottle 1,5L, but my best advice would be to take the Crown and try fitting it on bottles in the store.

Having a hard time finding a bottle that fits

Here’s a pic. Notice the slight blue hue.

I did, however, find a bottle that looks to be 87mm wide at a local Dollar Tree. It was a water bottle called "Alka 65".

Did you already print? If so, good luck, but I found the Smart Water 1.5L bottle works if you print at 103.4%

I'm working on making this with a 1.5 L Smart Water bottle. Getting the sticky stuff off is a drag, but everything else is going nicely at 103.4%!

Cant find such straight bottle in Slovakia, lot of them have necks, various designs, but not straight. One I found has only 14cm straight line, any chance to somehow split stairs on 10cm part, and then 2 cm stackable parts?

Sliced with Slic3r the two walls of the top piece are so thin it breaks every time I remove it from the bed. Not really sure what to do here, I have my perimeters set to 4 or 5 walls so that should be sufficient I would think.

Hey, thank you for pointing that out. Yes, it appears to be my model, but they've mentioned my name so I guess it's in accordance with the license. Besides, I imagine there might be more people selling them now that the files are on the web, hard to stop it. And I don't have the means to produce them on a large scale anyway.

It's true, he's complied with the CC-A license. It's an amazing dice tower; I've seen many, but this is my favorite!

you can always add a non-commercial license to your model to stop people from making money on your design.

Yes but this would only apply to files downloaded in the future.

Finishing up my print now no supports used on a CR-10s using PLA and an Anycubic buildplate

What speeds are you able to print this on?

I've printed it with a resolution of .2um for all the larger parts and .1um for the small Knight figure. Not sure how that relates to the speed at your machine, but they were done in a few hours with mine.

Few hours? Mine says 11 hours at 60mm/s :/

Ohw, that's a lot. The largest part was a little over 9 hours for me.

any chance of making an alternate base with a landing zone that captures the dice? want to avoid the dice flying off the table

nevermind, I found the remix which is exactly what I want

I love the design. This is my first big project and I can't wait to finish! I keep having an issue with the outer wall and the floor of the top piece separating when removing from the print bed. I have tried both with just a brim and with a raft. Has anyone else had this issue?

Same issue here. I've tried twice and being very careful the second time and it still breaks. Not sure what to do to fix it.

Hey. Did you try the new file -Top_v2.stl- already? I've heard more people say this was an issue, though not always, so I tried to fix it. Hypothesis is that the contacts between the bricklayers was too small to get good bondings. The new file has a bit thicker walls.

Lau85, the V2 top worked great and looks amazing. Thanks!!!

Thanks Lau85, somehow I missed that. I'll give it a try and let you know!

I'm having the same issue. Sliced with Slic3r the two walls of the upper piece are so thin it breaks every time I remove it from the bed.

Thats and awesome design. Maybe think of a version that fits plexiglass tubes? And I got something similar, build by hand not printed, and from that I made a stackable stair tower. I'm new to thingiverse, but I'll upload them as soon as possible,
Maybe you could think of making the stair part only 50mm or so, but stackable, so you could make a large or small tower regarding how many stairs you print. Would give that model some flexibility.

Hi Würfel,

I concluded from your name, that your from Germany :-)
One Question: Can you tell me how to scale the dice tower to use a standard german 1,5L PET Bottle(or maybe other size)? Thanks in advance for your reply!


You just need the diameter of the bottle and divide it by the diameter of the tower. This leads to the scalefactor. At best I think is, measuring the bottle filled, but not under pressure and substract twice the material thickness of the bottle, after you cut it open.
I don't have any bottles on hand, and I'm not sure if we have any standard available, looks like every bottle is different. Finding a straight one is the first goal, then measure it. You can use a measuring tape to get the circumference and divide this by pi to get the diameter.

Dividing the staircase into stackable parts is a good idea, I should do that. And I agree plexiglass would probably look a lot nicer, but I think it's more difficult to find and more expensive to buy then a soda bottle.

I stopped by to say this same thing (about dividing it into stackable stairs). Did you ever get around to trying it?

Yes of course. The Plexiglas tube was just an idea as alternative to the bottle. You can find them on ebay. Some sellers cut them to the length you need and they are available in a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses.
Meanwhile I got my stackable stairs online so you can have a look.

I've seen them. Nice design, very neat. Yes, I wanted to use a stacking mechanism sort of like that. I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I should have some time soon.

Not giving yourself enough credit with that title, this is one of the best and most creative! Can't wait til mine's done.

In the UK I bought a sparkling water bottle from Morrisons that was the exact right shape and size. All the pepsi/dr pepper/coke etc now have too unique bottle shapes!

Cant find the right bottle here in south east US but a little paper and glue for rails and im up an running.

Hey, that's a very neat idea. Maybe I should make another staircase with a railing like that. Then people have the option of making the tower without a bottle.

That would be awesome!

This is a great idea and design. All it needs is a themed dice tray at the bottom so that dice dont scatter everywhere

You're right, I just didn't have the time yet. I'll probably make it some time.

I can't wait to make this! :)

My Slicer is giving me an error on the spiral stairs between 97.75mm and 115 mm. The G-code just ignores those stairs, and won't print. Anyone else having this problem? I tried it with two programs--PursaControl and Slic3r. Same problem in both.
(Photos show the problem.)

Thnx for the comment. It appears there's a bit of an imperfection in the mesh at that point. I've used Cura and it hasn't been an issue for me, but I'll see if I can fix it.

That would be great, thanks! I love the design and I'd love to print it.

Sorry to keep you waiting, had to go to work.. I've updated the file, it's a lot cleaner now. Hope this fixes your problems. Let me know if it doesn't.

This is great. Thanks. My slicer handles the new file perfectly. Hoping to print it this weekend!

Thank you for this dice tower! It looks amazing! I tried printing the base and it unfortunately failed (I returned to my printer to find the base has slipped off the bed and a huge blob of plastic on the extruder). I'll be trying again later.

From your Thing Details I noticed you said you wanted to reduce the number of supports. I use CURA and when generating supports for the spiral, it would generate an entire cylinder around the structure. I wonder if you're doing this support type as well?

  • CURA
  • Cocoon create 3d
  • Cocoon Natural PLA

Edit: The failed print of the Base worked great on a second attempt. The first failure was probably due to my printer overheating.

My second attempt at printing the base worked! Cura default fast print settings with brim. Pics to come later.

Ah, great. Good luck with the rest, I would love to see the pictures.

They all came out great! Next photos will be in the "Made" section.

Looks really nice. And good color as well.

Hello, nice you're printing it. I hope you like it when it comes out.
As for supports, I've seen other spiral things here on Thingiverse and they don't seem to need support, rather just let the print 'climb up'. I was hoping this design would do the same, but that hasn't worked out, maybe the angle wasn't steep enough. I've used Cura as well, and I got a cylindrial support structure as well.