RepRapPro Huxley E3D V6 Hotend Mount

by Supercell Mar 26, 2018
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Hey thanks for this design, I've posted my make. I was wondering if when you fitted your new hot end you kept or swapped the original thermistor your printer came with. I swapped mine as the old one didn't fit in the new heating block but as a result the temperature is higher then it should be.So when I generate my g-code I have to set the temperature around 30 degrees lower than what I would expect.I think I need to change something in the printer code but I'm not exactly sure so I was wondering if you encountered a similar issue.

Thank you for submitting your make. For my printer, I had changed out the original thermistor with the ones supplied by E3D. To make the printer work with the new thermistor, I had to change a configuration setting in the printer's controller. My Huxley has an older Melzi controller rather than a Duet controller found in the new Huxley Duo, so I'm not entirely certain as to how you should go about configuring your Duet controller. I think you should have a look at the M305 command for setting thermistor parameters for starters:

You will probably have to send something like "M305 P1 T100000 R4700 B4267" for a 104GT-2 thermistor provided with the E3D hotend. Do pay attention to the R value as you will have to know whether your Duet has a 1000ohm or 4700ohm series resistor for the thermistor. You'll then have to send M500 to save the values.