Castle Grayskull

by DiMarzio Mar 26, 2018
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At what size did you do yours at?

Well, to be honest, I can't remember. By size it depends a lot on the space you have on your printer. I didn't have that much space, 14x14x14 cm's, so what I'd did was check which piece was the largest and have that fit my in my print volume/space. I did a resize of everything in NetFabb. So if I can print the largest piece, the rest isn't a problem. Hope that helps.

Lovely model! thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what the clear/frosted filament is that you used? That looks amazing.

Hi! It's not a filament. It's a clear resin. I got it from TinkerCad/Autodesk as a sort of "I'll-make-it-up-to-you" gift when they used my model as a test for something in MineCraft.

This is great! Awesome job. I did a remix as one piece hallowed out for my fish tank decoration, but I noticed you have remix it turned off. Is that something you don't want other doing? I give you full credit as this is just great!

I made a change to the license...Hope it works now ;-) Curious to see what you make of it! What material are you using since it's in a fish tank? Aren't there any sort of regulations for that?

Awesome looks like it will work now. I am using PLA but I did order some PETG. I know over time PLA will break down but its what I had on hand it's already gray. I have looked into it and others have used PLA with success. I know there is risk in any materials you use, but I will keep an eye on my fish and water. I remixed your castle for a betta fish tank. I will have lots of live plants to help keep the water quality good. Time will tell.

Very cool. Congratulations.

This is amazing! Exactly what I've been looking for. I just want to modify it a tiny bit to give it some storage space in the back. Could I ask how you printed each piece to get the best results? Horizontal? Vertical? Supports? Thank you!

I printed certain things face up, like the skull entrance just because when printing with ABS/PLA or any filament, the support would mess it up a bit. If you print it face up, the printer will end there at the top so you have a smooth finish (as far as your printer has a good resolution ofcourse :) ). I used the software from the UP! printer I had back then, never worked with something like Cura, so I can't tell you about how to place support.

My library is going to upscale this in Motu Classics scale. I'll give credit to you and show you the results. Do you have the file for the pawn head topper?

Is that missing? the top of the skull? I thought I had included everything? Thanks for giving credit and taking interest! Curious to see how it will look :)

Hey I need the pawn topper as well....aaaargh halfway through the print before I noticed it was missing.

Hi that's awesome, how big is it?

It's as big as you can scale it or print it :) Originally I made it work for a 15x15x15cm platform but you can always scale up...(or down)

Thank you for this beautiful piece of the 80’s! It brings a lot of emotions! Thank you for your work

Thanks for taking interest!