Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Star Trek Catan Alternate Races

by ShoJoh Apr 3, 2018
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Hi everyone!

Sorry this project has gone so long without an update.. Life happened and happened hard.. BUT I have finished my designs for the Cardassians. I am not super happy with the outpost but it will do for now. The Space Station was tricky to make easily printable but it is done. Full set is printing now so once it is successful I will upload. :D

Thank you all so much for your feedback and support on this project. I am long from done and will continue, sometimes slowly but I will carry on!

I really like what you have released so far. I've printed 2 full sets of everything (one for me and one for my brother). Looking forward to Cardassians.

Hello, very excited for these. curious if you would be able to design the D7 Klingon ship (TOS), Gorn Ship (remaster TOS) Kzinti Ship (TAS) and tholian ship (TOS)

for some reason my reply was cut off

Sounds like Fun! I am finished up Cardassians and then the Borg. After that I am doing an alternate Federation using voyager. :)

but these sounds like a fun project I have a few questions for you.

  1. D7 Klingons, Total Classic :) I will do my best to make them as accurate as I can though a few things will need to be enlarged to make them print at this scale
  2. Gorn! now that sounds like a challenge! I did get some Official refrence images of the Gorn ships So I can base the design off that! the challenge will be the Starbase/outpost. I did find one REALLY old image from a game so that is a start..
  3. Kzinti!! wow that is a name i have not heard in while!! So in TAS the ship was just a saucer with a ball on each side... Personally I like the armada 2 design better. Are you set on the TAS version??
  4. For Tholian i am guessing you want the classic web ship??

2) yeah in the remastered st tos they let Mike okuda make Goran ships they had four naucelles
I have a few pics I found online of them I could send
3) I really do like the tas design

Plus I like the idea that the romulan tos warbird tholian and kzinti ships would be smaller than the enterprise :-)
4) yes that's right the web ship :-)

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Any chance of getting a federation version?

Defiantly a chance!

I was thinking about using Voyager as the ship (request I got last week actually) but so far no ideas for a new outpost/Starbase. Since the original game uses the iconic Earth Space Dock, i would like to make something new. I am certainly open to ideas. :)

I'm down with Voyager as well. As far as the Outpost/Starbase I would say as long as it's not too detailed for a small print. Just take some of the work you've done already and modify a little bit.

Romulan for sure, how about Cardassian?

I have not looked into Cardassians yet but I will add them to the list to consider. :)

Romulan it is then!
I have a base and a ship ready. (ship is remixing a remix lol) I want to print them out to check clearance on them before I post. Also the Romulan base has a lot of very fine lines so not sure if my current design will work on every printer... or even mine yet lol.

Station design is the hardest for me. I have the Ferengi Space-station portion done and I love it! But the outpost base is really, meh. So I am still working on it. ><

Following this for sure! Looking forward to updates

Ferengi Station is almost done! Any request on next race? I was thinking Vulcan... Maybe Romulan?

It's looking really good so far... the Vulcan in me says that Klingon would be a logical next step. :)

Klingon are uploaded. :)

All the races to-date look great! They seem to be improving with each iteration.

Thanks! I have learned a lot on this project, all thanks to your inspiration! :)

Thanks! Actually I just finished reinforcing a Klingon attack cruiser for scale printing.

I tend to hop around in designing as I get Ideas. I will be out of town for the next week for work so I doubt I will make any progress this week BUT here is where I am at so far.

Ships - Test fleet printed over the weekend, Looks good. ( when I get home I will take them off the print bed and give them a closer inspection. )
Outpost - designed and awaiting test print. I am not thrilled by the design so we will see, I may redesign it.
Starbase - Designed and waiting test print

Ships - remixed to scale working on reinforcing for printing
Outpost- designed... hated it redesigning
Starbase - I have a plan....

Ships - remixed and reinforced to print to scale
outpost - designed.... not thrilled
Starbase - Designed Really like it! Awaiting test print

Ships - Remixed and scaled waiting test print
outpost - ...
Starbase - ...