Penzeys Spice Rack

by jvkmakerspace Mar 26, 2018
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That's weird! Is it possible the anomaly is being caused because "wall_thicknes" isn't a multiple of the layer height?
Something like that shouldn't be an issue, but its all i can think of.

Vase mode won't work either
If you look at this image, you can see how the slicer (not just S3D) is setting the layers.
There is no support at the edges, so they drop and you get holes. and it won't do a full layer unless I tell the slicer to do a full layer ever 9 layers which is a waste of filament. (9 layers is based on the primary layer height .3mm and .4mm = 6th layer)
This is also a 10% Infill, which I do not want to increase just for a 2 layer issue.
I can't think of a way to fix this anomaly other than splitting the print and gluing.

Right now I ran out of better filament and using garbage Inland (which I will send back).

Also, I do not think this i an issue with the OpenSCAD file or the model itself.
I tried making a full layer in 3D Builder and was going to try it in Blender
I really think this is specific to how Slicers slice the Gcode
I could maybe learn Gcode and edit it for that one layer.
Maybe, I will look at that and post the edit for others.
But this will be very dependent on a number of factors. (Filament settings, and other things)
I don't know how well that would work for others.
This was my best solution for sharing.

sorry for the tardy reply, Thingivers don't do dashboard notification to replies!

I had anther play around on Cura 3.2.1 but can't seem to replicate the problem u were having.
u should download Cura :)
I find it strange that u had the same problem on different slicers. I'm curious, did the problem persist if u changed the dimensions of the rack?

I misunderstood what u were saying before. I follow now.

As u say it's just fundamental to how all slicers work. For my part i think id just bite the bullet and increase the infill and or the top/bottom thickness. For this particular object the amount of extra material used would be negligible.

Well I printed 24 with my version and they work great.
Love the design of this spice rack. Thank you for making and sharing it.

If I redo it and make a set of connected ones, I will consider trying a 9 layer bottom.
I had not thought of that and think that is a good solution, but need to test it.

And I just tested it in Simplify3D and that does work with no real added time.
8 Bottom Layers does the trick.

I am leaving this one here though in case anyone wants it.

So depending on your Slicer, the diameter filament and the layer height, will determine the number of bottom layers to fix the lack of support.