Blade Runner 2049 - Officer K's Blaster

by diogorsergio Mar 26, 2018
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I printed this previously but scrapped it and decided to do it again. I'm adding LEDs both inside the barrell and on the sides of the guard. To do this I've made several modifications, some manual and some by modifying your current files to fit my battery holder and make wire runs through the model and a place for a switch that's hidden. I've also modified the handle to add weight inside and to allow for it to be more easily wrapped in carbon fiber. Probably be another week or two before I get the final project done but it's coming together nicely. I've found a few models out there for this blaster and I like this the best with the only exception being that there isn't an easy option for a moving trigger with a spring. If I could figure that out it'd be perfect in my books but happy either way!

I would also try to add leds. please share some pictures of your progress. thanks a lot.

Hello, friends! How many screws did you all print? Is it two per side?

Beautiful model, got it going on the printer right now!

Awesome! Glad you like it, please post a picture when you're done!

Great model, I have printed most of it out and I'm getting ready to glue it together and paint it.

On the 'spring system' part should there be a flat section the full depth of the model so it sits on the 'guide rail' properly?

Should there be a square peg included as well?

Am I missing something? :P

Fixed, please re-download the files! :)

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Same issue here on the spring - I had to notch out the groove and print it again.

Also can anyone explain what the protector pin is for?

The pin protector goes from "ear" to "ear" inside the slot.

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Do you have an STL where the groove is notched out correctly?

Fixed, please re-download the files! :)

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I still don't see an answer for the Spring System notch. Did I miss an answer in this comment thread? Is there a version of this part where the groove is notched out from end to end? I too had to grind down the notch in order to get the Guide Rail to sit flush against all the parts that line up with it.

Fixed, please re-download the files! :)

Thank you so much!

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Also have the spring system issue...notch doesn't run the whole length at the bottom. Does someone have a version where it does? I've got all the parts printed and didn't want to have to manually cut it out...would rather reprint with the right groove

Fixed, please re-download the files! :)

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In the protector on the two “ears” you will see they have two inserts on the inside and the body has a grove for the pin.

Just a picture for future reference. Since when I printed mine, I didn't had this update! If you print yours, please tag it as made and post some pictures!

Oh! Totally missed to upload the body peg! :) wonder how people have been putting those together.. Just uploaded it now! Filename is BodyPeg.stl!


Thanks a lot for this amazing and detailed kit! Great work and astounding effort Mate!!

Glade you like it! :) Would appreciate if you cloud mark is as made and post some pictures!

Hey there, this really is an awesome model, by far the most accurate available to print.

I've having a problem with the cocking piece. Every program I have (Meshmixer, Slic3r, Flashprint (for the flash forge) and Sparkstudio (SLA printer) either tells me there's an error and tries to repair or just shows the #4's missing the centre counter piece and even trying to repair doesn't appear to work. In some cases it's only happening on one side.

Any idea or suggestion?

You're right! There's an issue with the mesh, tried to solve it, but its giving me a lot of pain, because the file is really slow! I'll try to do it later.

Super model!!!
I have compared this model to others and to pictures of the original prop and this seems to be the most accurate by far.
Any change to create a version of the handle with a battery compartment and some kind of path for optical fiber/wiring? (For That red led when the pistol is engaged).
Many thanks in advance.

Thanks for the feedback! :)
I might look into that, but not anytime soon sorry.

Assuming this is printed at 100% scale?

Thanks, gonna start printing it tomorrow c:

Cool! Let me know how it goes! :) And take some pictures in the end.

Glue has set, model is completed, super happy with the quality :D

Looks awesome in black! :) glad you enjoyed the model

All printed, still glueing. Extremely happy with the result and quality of the files :D

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Ah yes sorry! The pictures are of a previous version.

The protector pin goes inside the body at the very end next to the outside edge of the handle and it should glue to the protector.

thank you! i figured it out right after i asked of course, all i have left to print is the barrel, i will let you know how it comes out!

Just a heads up, your Body file has some geometry inside that won't be visible after printing. I've deleted it on my end, but you may want to update the file here.

Oh thanks for the heads up! I always printed like it and never inspected the gcode, so I never noticed it.
++Fixed it!++

Thanks Zimlorog

Fantastic, thank you.