Eggbot - Scales

by RHill051 Mar 27, 2018
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Thanks for the new layer combinations and for integrating the outline in the same path. I'm having fun trying out different color combos with your design.

So glad to hear you are enjoying the design!!! If love to see some of the color combos you've done.

What tool/process did you use to fill the shape with sinusoids then join it to the outline? I'm an Inkscape noob and that's an elegant result for plotting.

So I actually hand drew one of the scales and made it all one continuous line using the pen tool. After it was a matter of copy paste. I just took that one scale and copied it 3 times to make the "diamond" pattern then took that group of 4 and kept copying it over and over to fill up the entire design. For some of the other patters I've modified I used the built in tools to make the lines and then manually went through and connected them to make one long line.