DDW 1/10 RC M-Drift 1 RWD Chassis

by DarkDragonWing Apr 1, 2018
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Hello mr Ddw. How much weight in this 3ď desan when it done printed?

Just the printed parts, it should weigh about 200g.

Hello, starting my own copy and question: would it work to be printed from PET-G?

Hi. Yes, it will work with PET-G.

Thx for prompt reply, I have ordered kit already. Preparing parts I have noticed there will be quite a lot of supports on frames, any advices or default approach should work?

No problem. For the frames, I use 15% Support Density. For small parts, I use 30% Support Density.

Hi! Love your work! Will the parts kits be back in stock soon for this?


I'm glad to hear. I hope to re-stock a few of them soon.

Ok parts are all ready. Are you still considering putting out any parts kits?

Yes, I will have the hardware in stock in a few days.

Hi I am interested in punting this off and building it. Is their any way that you can email me a list of the parts that I can’t print off? Like screws dowels nuts bolts etc...

Hi. Look in the description, you can copy the list and paste it to a text editor and print it out. Cheers

Merci de votre réponse rapide, ne pouvant pas répondre à vôtre réponse je refais un autre commentaire,
C'est plutôt intéressant comme idée prouver vous me donne s'il vous plait la marche suivre ou faite nous un petit tuto comme vous le faite si bien ppur la construction du chassi camion, je ne comprend l'anglai vue que suis français mais j'admire votre travaille je vous est vue pour la première fois sur YouTube et j'ai vue que vous étiez un maker sur thingiverse, j'aime votre travaille et c'est possible de faire un camion de drift je serait vie de le fabriquer avec vous

J'aurais aimer savoir si il est possible dans votre kit chassis si c'est possible de faire des camion avec?
Vous faite un super travaille j'adore l'association de l'impression 3d au rc

Oui c'est possible.

is it possible to use chassis without this 4 servos?

Yes, you can use the chassis without the 4 servos. You can also adjust the chassis height using M3x8 set screws.

I see these are out of stock on eBay pre assembled. How can I get one pre assembled?

I will try to get them in stock sometime.

I'm afraid it will work at all!
Because the video is different, and printed works are also different.

Buy "Dogbone 84mm" si photo very long length!

My friend! The "Dogbone 84mm" is for central drive shaft from the motor to the rear differential. Buy "44MM Shaft 3Racing" for rear drive shafts ( https://ebay.to/2snaA9q ). Cheers


Sorry yes :) central drive shaft :P :) thank you

Nice day :)

bueno que vas a hacer entonces vas a poner archivos nuevo o que? porque este proyecto lo tengo copiados como en 3 dvd diferentes!!!!

Ahaha :D No problem!

Hey I got a question. You have a lot of separat files to download for the M-Drive 1 RWD Chassis. Do they come together after I downloaded them or do I have to put it together on the computer on my own? I’m sorry if this is a dum question but I am VERRY new to all of that

Hi. Yes, just click "download all files". Everything should be in a folder for you.

You are amazing. Love the work

Would it be possible to "redesign" the front part, so us with a smaller 3d printer can print this part to?
Maybe if it's possible to break apart the front piece somehow, print it in 2 pieces and then assemble it with some screws?

What is your printer's max X and Y?

The new front chassis 2-piece version has been added. Cheers

This is just great!!
What screws will be needed to assemble the 2 pieces?

I'll get the chassis printed as soon as I can and order all the hardware required from you on ebay :)


4x M2x6mm for the top ones
4x M2x4mm for the bottom ones

You can get them from here:
US https://ebay.to/2OXZLrr
China https://ebay.to/2Q5QNF6

Comments deleted.

when will the hardware come back in stock?

The hardware is now in stock.

Sorry for all the questions but is there any way I can buy the hardware to come to the UK?

Yes, look in the "Things Details" for the link to the hardware. Though, it's out of stock at the moment. Click "contact seller" and send a message so I can keep you updated.

Why is it called m-drift when it's not a m-chassis? It's somewhat misleading ..

It's a made up name. It's not an M-Chassis, it's an M-Drift Chassis.

I took it off successfully. now to print the rest. I am going to make an f1 body later to go over it

Perfect! Can't wait to see when it's done.

How do I take it off the print bed!

Why is this a question?

is there a fusion 360 iges or step file for this chassis

No, only STL files at the moment.

Hello, are you going to do a m-chassis (shorter wb) version? If not, would you mind if i edit .stl files and share them as a remix?

Hi. I'm not sure yet. Feel free to remix the files and share them. Cheers

Do you print in abs or pla?

The motor mount is ABS and the rest is PLA.

Ok thanks alot. I will print this amazing car. Good work!!

Hello. Please tell me the number of rear drives.

Hi. Please check the description again, I just added it to the list. Cheers

how much for instructions? $$$

Coming soon for free.

All files are for 1/10 rwd car
Did you have a printer that can print it ?
My print bed is only 220x220mm -- so I can not use it :-(
Only when I scale up to 0.8 :-(

it's possible to print it you just have to change the position of the pieces

Hi. Yes, only 1/10. Only the front chassis that needs to be printed on 250mm bed or longer. I have a printer that can print it. I can print one for you if you want to. Or you can ask your friends to see if they can print one for you. Contact me here: https://www.facebook.com/DarkDragonWing

This is great. Any tuto for assembly??

waiting for the assembly instruction

Coming soon, hopefully in less than 1 week.