Parametric Turret for Modular Castle Playset

by Bikecyclist Mar 27, 2018
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Do you think you might release the connector you used here as an update to your spring connector Thing? It looks like it's a tighter fit!

Since my first reply has gone into moderation hibernation: The "tight fit" connector is old and doesn't work nearly as well as the new one.

Just print one of each and compare! :-)

Oh, the one included here is actually an obsolete version of the one I published separately:


(You can see the old one highlighted reddish in the Old/New comparison photograph over there.)

The tight fit all around is actually bad for usability as the three outward faces of each end do not contribute to the connection, but only create unwanted friction on insertion/removal.

Conclusion: You only need the inward faces of the connector and can generously cut away the rest with no loss of functionality.

In practice, there's another problem with the connector: The layers of the oblique surface of the wall and the connector "mesh" with each other when they are printed in the same orientation, making insertion/removal difficult/unreliable/non-smooth.

So the improved spring connector can be printed flat, meaning that its oblique surface glides smoothly over the steps of a wall's layer. That's the reason is only interfaces with the wall on one side of the slot ... this way, it's easy to print flat with no supports.

Just print out one of each and <edit: +"try"> them for yourself ... in my opinion, the new connector is a big improvement! :-)

Spring Connector for Modular Castle Playset Modules