Floppy Bunny (articulated ears) Easter

by Devine Mar 29, 2018
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having a lot of trouble getting the whiskers to print correctly. I usually end up with at least one broken whisker. Could you maybe do a version where they are solid ridges instead of thin bridges? Thanks! Cool design

There are a ton of variables that go into getting a clean print, maybe to start Just slow your print speed down and scale the bunny up a bit to maybe %110 or bigger if you like.
I may look into adding another version that has entire whiskers attached to bunny's face, unfortunately I cant give you a timeline.

Thanks for checking out the bunny :)

Understood. Thanks for the reply. I’ll try a few things to get the whiskers to work better.

Had some extra time today, added a new version that should work better for you.

Cheers :)

this is absolutely perfect! printed like a dream! Thanks for taking the time to modify it. I appreciate it! Cheers!

Np man, happy to help !
please post your make if you can... haven't had a chance to see how this version looks printed.