Conan Redux

by Geoffro Mar 30, 2018
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The necklace needs to be a maker coin.

How hard would it be for you to separate this into two files (I can't code), the base and the bust?

I LOVE this file and want to print it as large as possible.

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Thank you, this looks very nice, I will definitely print this. What filament/color did you use?

looking into buying a cheaper 3d printer love tons of stuff you can do with 3d printing but new to it all the one I can afford prints 8 inches square a little over not much how can I tell what size the things on here are what size is this

you rescale models to the size your printer supports or cut them into pieces and print. The dimensions of the model you download is irrelevant.

do you do that in a certain app the one I was looking at you just put the file on a sd card and print it thank you so much for the help what app do you use and is it free I need something I can test out see what Im getting myself into I really want bigger items maybe not much bigger depending on items idk thanks for the help any advise will help me at this point getting discouraged cant find any info on anything you just helped me out more than hrs and hrs of research

You should google for 'Cura' or 'Slic3r', this is the SW needed to prepare your .gcode-files you put on the SD then. There you adjust all settings for your printer and also the scale.

Youtube has also a lot of channels around 3D printing starting from information for total beginners.

Crom, grant my printer the STRENGTH to make this print. Grant my printer VENGENCE! And if you do not listen, to hell with you.

I didn't even realised that I absolutly need one of this!!!!!!!!!
Amazing sculpt, thanks for sharing it.

Wow nice man added to things to print:) Love your work keep it up!

This is awesome! Gonna print 1 for sure!