Flexy Pterodactyl

by kalancouvy Mar 31, 2018
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It never prints the 2 parts with the feet with me. I got an MK3. Other prints like flexi rex went perfect. But this one for the 3th time is coming out without the 2 parts with the feet.
So I end up with 3 seperate parts :o
What am I doing wrong?

The STL file has a flipped triangle. I have fixed this - see the attached repaired STL file. Now it slices and prints without any problems.

If I use Slic3r Prusa Edition, it fails.
But when I simply use the Prusa Control program, it prints all fine.
Thx for the great design. My kid will love to see it battle his Flexi Rex :)

Same for me, When using Slic3r Prusa edition it doesn't print the two parts with the feet. I can confirm that it prints fine with S3D.

Glad to hear you got it printed. Hope your kid enjoys it.

my pterodactyl became the dpterodactyl (d is silent p is not), which survived being used as a hammer, being thrown across the room and being hit repeatedly with graphing calculators. It was still in a good enough condition after all of that to give to a sick co-worker as a gift. Sturdy and entertaining. Best print ive made in a while.

I'm glad you like it. My 3 year old does all my durability testing for me.

Thank you, we are one step closer to the "land before time" Flexi edition

I got a collection of them printed myself. Were you able to print the pterodactyl successfully?

Not yet, i have a 25 hour print going haha