Anet A8 spool Holder with Open-builds V-wheels

by Digital_Sqrt Mar 30, 2018
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Looks interesting, I might see if I can make it fit my Geeetech I3 Pro W.


Thanks for looking at our models.

If you had some dimensions on the top plate we would be happy to make the file for you.

Things that would be important. 1) Laser cut plastic thickness. 2) Hight of the plate. 3) A picture of anything we need to clear on the back of the plate.

You can contact us at customer.support@digital-sqrt.com just reference the name of the in the subject line. Our engineering team will pick it up in a day or two.


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Thanks, I'm away from home for the next few days but will have a look when I get back.

Had a look and the measurements are not very far away from the model you provide already. Only real difference is the thickness of the material, it is 5.5 mm plywood, not 8mm plastic. Height of the plate is 78mm instead of 80 but that extra 2mm might be needed to attach the arms. The back just has a standard LCD/SD card combination PCB attached with 3mm spacers, the ribbon cable connectors look as if they might catch on the current arms but should be easy enough to avoid. I'll try adding 2mm to the inside of the front lips and see if one of them attaches ok.