Bed Leveling Assistant for Anycubic 4Max

by Sp4wN Apr 1, 2018
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Pretty good .gcode. Helped me really to get my 4MAX leveled.
This file is highly recommended.

Is it necessary to heat Bed and Nozzel (heating turned off at the end) ? We essentially only need to control the position of the nozzle, so i think code responsible for heating and shutting off heating can be removed.

Yes it is needed if you want it leveled perfectly, if you heat the bed and nozzle they will expand to same position as while printing, the bed is mounted on a aluminum and it does react to heat, same goes for nozzle. It might be not much difference but to keep it perfect as possible, heating is needed, hence why auto bed leveling on most printers (if not all) are done while the printer is heated for same reason.

Oh, i understand, i asked because of filament starts to flow out, yes i can remove filament before leveling but during set it up back i can distress level again (by chance).

If you need to push filament in to the nozzle when replacing, just put the filament through the hole of heat breaker and than extrude with the printer, this way it wont stress the carriage. But to be honest I push it by hand too, just be careful.

Ok, thank you for response, i will try to do it carefully :)

Thank you it works for me, much easier and faster than doing it manually.

if you use Marlin:




If your printer has not applied the leveling compensation of the bed, do this:
Level the bed through the menu,
Save the leveling of the bed through the menu, Add "M420 S1" to your start code of the slicer that you use AFTER "G28"

activating these three lines appears in the LCD menu "leveling bed", with the roulette of the LCD up and down to level the bed, to end up saving in memory (with the option of the LCD that appears), and that's it, this goes for all printers with Marlin.

This is awesome thanks, I am trying to find the original to see if it works on my Tornado same size as cr10, do you have this file or a link to it pls?

Sorry, I don't have the original file anymore, in Omar McAdam's video description there is a link, it works sometimes and sometimes it does not, check the link time to time.

Cheers, I'll keep trying on his youtube link, it wasn't working but as you say I'll keep trying.

this is very helpful !! thanks a lot !

I am glad you liked it :)

Hi! Very cool and helpful script! I also own an i3, shouldn´t it be possible to make a script for it too?

Hi!, from what I understood, touch screen is restricting things and there won't be a pop up to click "OK" to get to next corner of the bed, if I owned a i3 Mega I could try to find out and test on the printer, unfortunately I have only a 4Max, but thinking to get a i3 couple mounts later.

Yeah, i know what you mean. But there is a button for pausing the print. Shouldn´t this be useful for that?

I don't know how that button is programmed in the firmware, Anycubic use their own firmware, so I need to know what code they use. This code work with confirmation button code from Marlin.
Did you try my gcode on your i3 Mega? If it doesn't work you can stop the printer as normal print.

I will try it tonight! Maybe it works :)

It could work, it is never tested on a i3 Mega, maybe there will be a pop up to accept. Bed size is same so that shouldn't be a problem.
Let me know if it works please.