Wanhao Duplicator 4X Cooling Fan Duct

by SmartBlug Mar 30, 2014
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I have made Front and Rear fans (both 4.4 version)
Front is good enough, but Rear is so thiny - it just break when i start plugging...
Can you please add heavy internal stiffeners for more strong tube?

I created a Rear Fan v4.5 with inside reinforcement to address your issue.
I hope that this is what you are expecting.

Yes thank's a lot, something like this...
I print ant test them...

Just fitted it to my Wanhao Duplicator 4; works great!

For the record; I consulted Jetguy and have connected the cooling fan simply to the popular-extruder fan, so both work in unison.
My brother did not dare try and solder the mosfet and it seems this setup also works. Can't really compare yet but I'm printing
a design a formerly had to abort at 10%.

This is exactly what I did with the rear-duct that I printed for my Wanhao D4... its been working perfectly. I used to actually open the front and just point a fan at the platform (from outside) which worked fine, but I always had to move the fans out of the way each time I needed to remove the print. Now, not only do I not have to do that anymore, but I can also uninhibitedly monitor what's going from start to finish.

Yes, 2 Original + 1 on the front (new one) for Fan_Duct_v4-4.stl + 1 on the back (new one) for Rear_Fan_Duct_v4-4.stl.
This mean 4 at the end.

I've just uploaded the last release v4-4 I created ;-)

Wow so many fans lol! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to hook up my 3rd one on my ctc lol! Have you seen a noticeable difference with this setup over just the 3 fan set up? Think a fourth one will fit on a ctc motherboard?

I've seen sometime that it's more efficient when you have angular on the back.
Since I've installed this rear fan, I never miss any tricky angular but I think it's simply related to have twice the airflow.
I connected both fan to the same connector on the motherboard so they are working synchronously....

You said that you added a rear fan. Do you mean in total I will have four fans? A little confused can you clarify?

Any chance you can put up a youtube how-to-do for wiring the new fan in?

What do you think about getting a flexible tube that would bring the air flow from outside (this could solve the space issue)? i think and putting the tube in the same kind of position then the filament guide

I have made some brackets and a doorstop for the Wanhao Duplicator 4X that stops the active cooling fan from hitting the door, and I ask if I could include your duct in with my package as I think it would make a nice addition, and was what I made them for. I will of course credit you for your addition.

Sure, use the "Remix It" button.
... and I may be interested to add your brackets to my printer
I also improved the back fan fixation and will soon publish it.

Any way you could make it so that it does not stick out so far, when it homes to preheat it bashes on the Duplicator 4 door.

Is there an idiots guide to attaching the fan to the motherboard? And also, is there a way to be able to switch it off when printing ABS?

Have-you seen the picture of the Motherboard ?
On the connector, there is only 2 wires, you cannot make a mistake
On the FET, if you have received the component, there is only one way to put it on the motherboard because you already have the shape with the 4 pins.
To disable the fan, modifiy the profile and change doFanCommand = false.

I would also very much appreciate a tutorial on connecting it. I have basic, basic questions like

How do I get access to the motherboard? There are a lot of screws on this thing, and I don't want to mess it up.

How do I connect the wires? Do I need to solder anything?

How do I get he wires from the motherboard to the fan? Do I need to push them through that big black bundle or what?

Also, I have no idea what a FET is or what I'm supposed to do to it.

Some of these things might seem obvious once I get into it, but I don't want to even begin until I feel confident that I can do this.

Also, I've never printed with any software except the Makerbot Desktop. So I don't really know how to do things like change the doFanCommand. I've tried downloading slic3r, but I can't find anything that tells me how to take the g-code generated by slicer and actually get in to my printer.

Hi ..
I have just a question about connection of fan on the motherboard ..
What have have you use for fet ?
And have you connect all two fan on the same connector ? from picture of motherboard ?
I would add this upgrade for better print pla .. and i search complet infos before i touch on the pritner ..
A soon ..

The FET Reference is PSMN7R0-30YL and you can find in Farnell Store (<1.5€)
You just have to solder on the available place as shown on the picture (same as the 3 others on the right) and it's working !
... and Yes, I've connected the two fans on the same connector.
When it's software controlled, both fans starts only on the second layer (it's more efficient if the first layer is done without fan).
You have no idea how mandatory it is to have fans in order to print correctly... I discovered it and I can now print really complex pieces...
Publish photos when you'll have printed these fan ducts

Thanks on your answer ..
Just if you have two fan on the same connector , you have from one fan cut the connector and connected to the same connector as the first fan ? is just one double pin for fan on motherboard .. using you a special connector ?
And fet is good for the two fan installed ?
thanks for your partage experience !

It depends on the type of connector you decided to solder on the motherboard (I used a standard one I had available).
In my case, I connected both fans near the 3D printing head in order to have only one long wire from the printing head to the motherboard.
I don't know if there's a limitation for the number of fan per fet but two is ok :-)

Well My fans arrived from eBay, and I have fitted the device. Not wired it in yet though as I have to fin the FET to the motherboard. The first thing I see is I can no longer use the front door on Duplicator 4 - is is a major issue for me as I also print in ABS.

I believe you are using MakerWare.
You can change the profile json file (section "start_position") and modify "start_y" value but you'll still have an issue with the line :
G1 X105.400 Y-74.000 Z0.270 F9000.000 (Extruder Prime Dry Move)
which is hard-coded by makerware and automaticaly added to your gcode. I cannot change anything to this line, this is stupid to hard-code such line...

Hi, I think is is awesome as I also could not find a good fan mount for the Duplicator 4X, I printed all the parts fine but the rear fan mount collides with the vertical Z axis poles when the nozzles are near the back of the build plate, is this the same on yours?

Are-you using a 10mm depth fan ?

In my case, it just nearly touch the two axis but I never printed that far and I puts my nozzles always in the middle before printing.

I can still try to be closer to the nema17 stepper motor but it's becoming hard for the airflow as it's really vertical.

While I was trying to reproduce your issue, I found another one which is the plastic part on the back with the Rhino that collides with the fan duct if you put the nozzles on the left corner when it come back to the right side before printing... I've never seen this one as I never printed so close and with my nozzles in the middle, it never occured...

I think I can create a new one what could solve this issue as there is room for a slantwise version without blocking the airflow... I'll probably create a new one as soon as possible :-)

Thank's for the feedback

I was too optimistic... I don't see how I can avoid this Rhino with this shape.

I can probably manage the airflow coming from the left of the bloc (with fan on the top) without impacting the printing area but i've no idea for the right nozzle...

If someone have an idea, I can design it.

For the time being, I'll keep this shape as it's for me the most suitable for my usages...

Yes I used a 10mm depth fan. But yes thank you I was just wondering if I had set it up right. It is not that big an issue as I also do not often have my nozzles printing that close to the back of the build plate.

This is still an awesome design that I shall use while I try and think of how else the back can be cooled.

One other thing, did you run the wires from the fans up with the rest of the wires and down the back of the printer? If so how did you get the wires to be long enough to reach this far? And when you say the software controls the fan, is this the software in the printer of the slicing software?


I had to connect them to longer wires in order to reach the PCB :-)

I'm using the Selfish firmware with Makeware and managing a cooling fan is already included, you just need to add the FET component and a connector.
The main problem with Makeware is that it prints a line to clean-up the nozzle and the gcode associated is hard-coded... causing an issue with the front door (that I removed) because it's going to Y coordinate = -74 and it's too far for Wanhao Duplicator

Hi, printed very well on my Duplicator 4 in ABS. What do you mean when you say "remove the small supporting part on the front" are you referring to the metal guard on the fans ?

How are you wiring the fan in, did you mod the mainboard so the fan is software controlled ?


I just added a picture for the piece to remove, that's easier to understand :-)


To be more efficient, you should remove the support on the front (as on the first picture) in order to let the air go a little bit to the front and main part to the bottom. To know if it's correct, if you put on a table and then have a look to the nozzle side, you should see the hole for the air flow that is not touching the table on the front.

The way I designed it, that's really easy to break this part.

I soldered the fan directly on the motherboard (on the extra connector) and then it become software controlled (it disable the fan for the first layer and enable afterward). On my bot, I needed to add the extra missing component (PSMN7R0-30YL) and connector (I added a picture to show you).

I'm currently printing a new additional piece for the back (I'll upload as soon as it will be ready) in order to have really perfect printings (otherwise, the air flow is only on the front of the nozzle and if your design has a small part on the back, it will not cool that part).

Do you also use it for ABS printing or for PLA only? I find that the surface finish is much nicer for ABS when I use an external fan, but then I will have of course have the common warping issue and also I get layer cracks / separation due to the too rapid cooling and internal resistance I guess.

I'm mainly printing with PLA @195° and never faced any crack / separation issue, even with the 2 fans (front and rear) working.

Thanks! I also print mainly with PLA, but occasionally I need ABS parts where the fan helps but maybe cause more problems than it solves. :) I am curious to see your design on the rear fan.

Feel free to print the rear design, I finished this week-end and it's available (new files added to this item).