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JGAurora A5 combined cooling fan, tube and BLtouch mount Remix

by das_Widdy Apr 2, 2018
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First off, thank you for creating and sharing this! Its a great design!

I've recently installed your mount and I encountered some minor issues (basically I needed file (as in remove material) from certain spots to get everything in place. next to that I would like to have the bltouch mount placed differently as currently its REALLY annoying to get it up. Also the bltouch limits the y movement somewhat which can be easily fixed. finally I occasionally need to oil the cooling fan and with the current setup it means i have to dismantle everything to reach it. In all these are minor adjustments but I'd rather not design the entire mount from scratch...hence my question: could you share your file(s) and what program did you use?

you can reach me directly at

Hello, This look good but i have some questions. I hope you can help to get how the design works.

  1. Are you using blower fans for hot end and bed fan? or is an axial fan for the hot end?
  2. if you are using 24V fans you dont need to install the voltage regulator. is this right?
  3. I see you have install a level sensor. is this working? is easy to mount this on JgAurora A5? where can I found one of this?

Thank you.

I can help you out with tthese:

  1. hot end is a blower, bed is axial: (not as 'ultra quiet' as I'd hoped for)
  2. both are 24V I only replaced the existing axial fan, the connector is hidden in the tube (above the hot end)
  3. works great, easy to mount, but a bit annoying to do so. Its called a bltouch the only thing you have to be sure of is that you buy the ORIGINAL as there are plenty of cheap knock offs that don't work (properly). Its about 40 EUR:

hi, which type of fan is this?

Hello, what kind of Hotend Cooler are you using? Find no suitable for it!

Hello, all that fit on the original fan.

I have no problems with inaccuracies.

Are your print settings good?

Here is a list that fits.
Or I have already printed myself.

BlowHard 3000 - JGAurora A5 Cooling Duct
by DaHai8
JGAurora A5 Scorpion Fan-duct
Modified A5 Fan Duct
by DaHai8

What hardware will I need to install this? Is this using a standard fan and is the board you have in the picture a 24v to 12v step down? This is exactly what the stock A5 needs, thanks for designing it.

At the time of the design, I only had this 12V fan and this step down converter.
Now I have only installed a 24V fan.
Buy this Turbofan as 24V version, you do not need anything more.