Animals for Tabletop Gaming!

by mz4250 Apr 2, 2018
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In the pictures there's an upright bear but both the brown and black bears are on all fours. A different name I'm not seeing?

Dire Bear :-)

Thanks Miguel! I really love this pack. So does my druid!

Any tricks to fix the non-manifold models? E.g. the wolf or the warhorse have many oarts of non-manifold geometry, which complete messes up Cura.

They are rather old files. Run them through Windows 3D Builder. It will take care of any errors.

Sadly, neither the 3D Builder nor Netfabb helped much.

Ok I ran those two files through. So those are lose sheets of 3D geometry just floating above the model. This was a remix of another file I found years ago. When I printed it it still came out ok, given the printer just printed what it could detect. Then end result as you can see in my photo is a fuzzy looking surface which I think looks pretty neat. So yeah, I have the Blender file here too if you wanna mess with it, but for mini purposes it does the job.

Thanks for looking into it.

I'll try to print it tomorrow and post results.

Good luck! It's not an easy print.

Any tricks to printing the large birds? I used the upside down & cut in pieces file, but the supports are pretty gnarly, I could not get them off the wings without breaking the wings. I also did note the bird stand is fragile, I broke off the tops with very light touch.

I'm sure it's likely settings on my part. If anyone has had success, I'd love to hear! Otherwise I'll do some retries and see if I can get a successful one.

Thanks for all the work!

we print the giant owl with the head down, a low printing speed, and removing the supports with great care, the result is quite satisfactory

looks great! head down = face toward the floor, tail up? that actually makes sense, would eliminate a lot of support over the wings, the most brittle. I'll give that a swing. guessing the face may have some support artifacting then, but if the wings are usable should be a good solution.


For which tabletop game do you use the animals?

Dungeons and dragons

These are beyond fantastic. Excellent work - thank you!

What's the stand for the hunter shark? Can seem to find on under files.

Oh weird. I just uploaded it. Its a lot of files. Seems only natural I'd miss a few. My bad!

Thank you so much for all the awesome models you have made. I'm a druid with wild shape in D&D right now and having minis for it is wonderful. I will say that a few of the models have no data to them. Even thingiverse is showing 0b next to them. The ones I've found are:
Phase Spider
Pony Eyes
Swarm of Bats
Swarm of Insects

I'd love to see these get fixed on the site, but even without them, the ones that work are amazing.

Ok I reuploaded those models. I hope this helps!

Fantastic!! I greatly appreciate that and can't wait to get to printing! You have made my day!

Oh man! This is awesome! I've been trying to collect and modify animals for a while. Thanks for the groundwork!

Scorpion download fails. Thank you so much for compiling and releasing this!

How would you recommend painting the models? I was thinking about making a few for my campaign, but, due to my filament colors (white and lime green), they'd look weird as-is. Thanks!

You paint them like any other mini. Prime them with black primer, then paint with acrylic or oils. Here is a link that will help you a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr0dufkF0J0