Crosman 13xx grips + shoulder stock (attachable)

by -Thorium- Apr 3, 2018
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I had issues with this model. I could not slide it on as the protrusions for the screw holes were blocked by the inner sidewalls. I Dremel'd them out so I could slide it on. Also the inner sidewalls were a bit to wide (it left a gap between trigger frame and grip). I think the gap could be closed another 1-1.5mm. Next, the screw holes seemed to me half a millimeter to the bottom and back. When I pressed the grip on to align the holes, the layers split. It was on the section that rests in the V of your hand between the thumb and index finger. This area seems a bit thin and could be thickened up on the outside. Given that this model has to be printed vertically, it actually makes it weaker as the layer bond has the least strength (at least, for cartesian fdm printers). I am considering cutting the model in half and printing it flat. If the original cad file is available, I wouldn't mind remixing it.

Nice. Does it fit the 2240?

It should fit since both have the same grips.

Ok thanks, i will print it. I just have to scale the two stock parts a few mm to fit my Flashforge finder.

Any chanse of foldable version in future?

Haven't yet putten any effort in making a foldable version, but now that you say so I might. I'll try to come up with some ideas comming week.

nice design. what screw did you use to join the stock to the grip given its not 100% fill (grip).

also what was the intent for the 2 sloted holes in the grip?

I used some screws with an agressive thread. As long as you don't overtighten the screws, the infill will be fine. The strength of the connection will come from the screws gripping into the outside layers.

Those slots in the bottom of the grip are there to attach a base plate tot give some extra support to the hand. It didn't work welk with the stock and felt weird. I left the slots in the model, since I might come up with some other kind of attachment in the future.