TronXY X5S Linear Rail Gantry for 450mm

by Sambulance Apr 5, 2018
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Thanks Sambulance!

Ok yeah I see. You're offering a weaker part design instead of cutting the rail with a hacksaw. Thats cool, but you should explain that in the details.

No need for the aggression. The 25mm that was removed has a negligible effect on the strength of the part and it allows me to use the 450mm rail I already have without cutting it.

If you don't want people to remix your parts, I suggest not licensing that way or you could have sent me a message stating that you didn't want the remix. If you think it could be done better, then make a suggestion or do it yourself. All I did was provide an alternative solution to shortening the rail.

If you don't find it useful, that's fine, but others might.

No, yeah I get it now.... It all makes perfectly good sense. Now make me one for a 500mm rail.

Works perfectly fine for me. If you are so worried about people remixing your stuff I suggest you not post them to thingiverse and then spazzing out.

If thats your way of saying thanks then your welcome. I'd be remixing some of your stuff right now, but I see neither one of you have any designs. Do you tip or are you just a freeloader? .... but seriously are you proud of the fact that you don't own a hacksaw or do you lack the physical strength necessary to use one?

If I have learned one thing in life is not to deal with idiots and you're clearly one. Why would I cut one of my linear rails when the part could be edited perfectly fine to work with the one I have? Will you pay me the money when I have to buy a new 450mm rail because I cut my original? I didn't think so. I'm done arguing with you I've made my point and clearly you have shown everyone just how butthurt you are because someone else remixed your part. Have a good day!

Wait come back! You didn't answer any of my questions..... When you use your printer just remember this idiot designed the parts you're using.

People like you (trying to fix something that isn't broke) are why I took all my SCAD files down. 400mm rail is what I used and it worked fine. What small gap are you talking about?

My fault, it's for a 450mm rail that I had around, not 400. This isn't a critique of your work, I use your rail connectors for the gantry and carriage, but I don't want to buy another rail when I have one sitting here and I imagine others are in the same boat.

Ignore the squares on the right gantry, that was a failed experiment in using wheels and the rail.