Anycubic i3 Mega fan duct 2-sided

by H_Run Apr 6, 2018
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My center of the air flow turned out a little to the side. It is even clear that one of the tubes is more distant from the extruder than the other. My printer anycubic mega s. Can it be different from the mega i3 layout of the extruder unit?

Hey, I have modified the model, please have a look here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3719846

Anycubic Mega-S Part Fan Duct Two-Sided (Remix)
by SmashD

Turns out great when scaled to 103 % for me. Used default tree support settings in Cura 4 and "supports only from buildplate" from the general support settings section.
Now I can print lots of things like the flexi/articulated animals. No more curling of the borders and edges.
Great job and great design - thanks a lot.

Can't seem to be able to print this properly. 1st layer starts ok but when I get to 2nd layer it doesn't stay on bed despite using the same settings I successfully use for PLA on other prints. (bed at 60C)

It seems to me that holes are far too high, although there ist enough space beneath. The nozzle is also cooling. Not very efficient.

Agree with You, have the same problem after start the print temperature of hot end began to fall from 210C to 200C and printer stoped, for me it work to slow down FAN speed

Dude, this thing makes me and my printer very happy. Thanks

Small update, printed over 100 hours on this without any issue. I have reduced my fan speed to around 80%, does work just as well. I printed it in PLA, because I have yet to print over 220°. No warping or similar. Great design!

Did you have to remove the sensor in order for this part to fit?

Wow did this fix problems. I printed it with the PLA that came with the printer and it still came out pretty good I'm sure when I finally open a box of good PLA I'll get better results. Boy did this fix problems with stuff curling up on me. Overhangs were a nightmare but not now! I also used a step drill to open up all the holes on the hot end cover and now have very little fan noise.

hi, printed this, seems to really optimize air flow. Noticed some adherence problems now, certainly due to the fact that I let fan speed to 100%.Will try to reduce to 60% like seen below. Thanks anyway!
Edit: I set fan speed (enable cooling) in Cura to 60% but it stays to 100% Is this the wrong place to set this parameter?

can this be printed on PLA?

Looks nice! Can I remix it to fit a radial 5015 fan?

Could you lower it about 3 to 4 mm and cut the he notches close to the lower screw out?
Best Regards

Great duct, very efficient, I run my stock fan at 60%. Also had to cut part of the notch, no problem. The only thing is I want to lower it about 3 to 4 mm because it blows to much air at my nozzle. I will print a new head cover for this, I guess this is more easy then to modify the duct.
No reason to replace the stock fan with a more silent fan, the noise is greatly reduced.

Hello Hans, I am about to print this and was wondering whether you are on the stock firmware or the modded 12V parts cooling fan firmware? Cheers.

Hi, new to this, just tried to reduce fan speed like you to 60% in Cura but seems to me that they stay to 100%. With the touch screen was able to reduce to 60%. Did I miss a step to configure this? Thanks, Chris

My i3 Mega didnt fit 100%. Had to cut the notches close to the lower screw out. I suppose they changed the fans at one point.

Exactly the same problem here

Two questions for ya:

  1. Will this fit a 5015 fan?
  2. Has anyone tried this with a E3D V6 hotend?


  1. no it is only for the standard fan ( i think it is 40xx something size)
  2. i didn't, but should make no difference which Hotend is used

hope this helps you!

So you are using the original part fan with your design?
How difficult is it to change the Nozzle?


Yes it is made for the original fan!
Changing the nozzle is very simple.
If you meant changing the fanduct:
that is also very simple. You need to take off the Hotendhousing by unscrewing the 4 screws (2 on the rear at bottom end, and 2 on top in the front end). then you unscrew the part fan including the fanduct with the 2 screws on the left side of the housing.
And then reassamble with the new fanduct.

its very simple to change the nozzle....

I've tested several fan duct for anycubic i3 mega. this is the most efficient solution. great job.

It works the best, but I had no chance to remove the supports added by cura :(.

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I really appreciate that :)