Bird Temple

by JobSmolders Apr 6, 2018
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Hi Appey,

I just looked at you file. I see that you placed extra support “beams”.
I think it can help other people in the future :-)

thanks for sharing :-)
and I like your enthusiasm and input :-)

What a beautiful design .I had trouble with the roof parts , I'd get to 95 % complete and it would grab and pull it out of position..I added 2 more braces and changed the printer to raise on all moves .now I'm having no trouble...If someone wants the new STL file I will post it...

Thanks for the compliment :-)

Nice to hear you found a solution for your problem and that you want to share it :-)

Which insulating primer did you use? Both finished and unfinished models look great!

Thanks for the compliment :-)

the Insulating Prime is nothing special. A very cheap one even... :-).
I included 2 pictures of the spray can.

Hope this helps you. And if you decide to make it, I would like to see what you have made of it :-)

Really nice Job. I am still printing all the parts and will post some pictures once assembled. I have remixed the roof such that it is quicker and easier to print: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2884445

Bird Temple roof - built in supports

Thanks :-)
I have looked at your solution and I have to say it's indeed a better way in material usage and time. Very cool to see other creative minds trying to make this model easier to make :-) I like your enthusiasm :-)

Gorgeous design! Thanks for sharing this. What glue do you recommend for this?

Thanks :-)

For the roof support parts (1t/m5) it's easier to use super-glue. For the rest I used glue that kids use :-) but the drying time of that stuff is very long. You can see it on the photos. But you can use any glue that works on plastic, I guess. I used the kids glue because I had that. If I where to make this model again I probably would use super-glue for all the parts.
I wish you success whit the assembly :-)

Nice!!! I want to create a asian/fantasy temple for birds since three years (because I didnt find it here) and now I dont worry about it :D Thanks a lot looks awesome!

Nice you like it :-) love your enthusiasm :-)

This is really awesome. I love it! I'm printing it now. I have the roof sections and the feeder bowl printed. Can you please list the number of all pieces to print? It's hard to count them in the pictures, especially the small support pieces. That would be super helpful. Thank you!

Nice you like it and thanks for the question :-)

It's basically 6 pillars in a hexagon shape, so most parts are needed 6 times.
What you at leas need to make it is:

1x assembly support 2
6x assembly support
1x feeder
6x pillar
6x roof support part1
6x roof support part2
6x roof support part3
6x roof support part4
6x roof support part5
6x entrance
1x mount part3
1x mount part12 fused
6x roof

I hope this will help your and otherwise feel free to ask :-)

That is exactly what I need. That will save a lot of time figuring out which pieces to print! Thanks. :)