Human Scale Working LEGO Megaphone

by agepbiz Apr 6, 2018
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Would you mind posting an image of your electronics? Mine just makes a nasty sound

Here is a few photos. Hope it helps. If you are getting a lot of feedback try removing the C9 10uF capacitor (see photo). I still get a lot of feedback when I crank it high though. I bought a cheap ebay megaphone when I did the research before this project, and this kit behaves pretty much the same, dont expect too much out of it

Thanks for the images, seems like I´ve done the same thing so maybe I´ve burnt some capacitators or something while soldering..

Feel free to upload photos of your circuit board so that I can compare or see if I see something wrong. If so please include the bottom side as well

Hmm. What kind of nasty sound does it make by the way? feedbacksound? did you try removing the C9 10uF capacitor? If so did it get any better at all?

Awesome! Love the project, love the model :) any chance you'd tell us what that awesome screwdriver is?

Thanks! The screwdriwer is called Xiaomi Wowstick. It is super handy, I keep it within an arms reach in my pen holder. It is not very strong, but perfect for tasks like this. And it looks nice and is rather small. Damn I need to start using affiliate links, you are not the first one to ask about the screwdriver :)

Too bad I cannot slice these in S3D and in Slic3r PE they have all sorts of errors. Any chance you could fix the STLs?

Edit: Seems like they slice well in Simplify3D, but Prusa MK3 says "incomplete file" but seems to print well. The incomplete file message may be due to the file being big when printing all parts together in one go.

Thank you! What kind of error do you get? on what parts? What settings? I use Simplify3D and the parts both slice and prints without any problems

Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.39.1 says that it auto-repaired 372 errors on the megaphone right-STL. 26 edges fixed, 86 facets added, 260 backwards edges. Posted a screenshot of how it looks.

Could it be a problem with the slic3r maybe?

I managed to get the file into S3D now and will try to make a test print and see if it works out.

Strange, I've just doublechecked the model. I did not find any issues, and the preview screenshot you sent makes no sense, based on how I made the model. The mesh is very dense though, so it might be too much for Slic3r?

It very well may be Slic3r that is failing. I made a "full plate" in Simplify3D now and started the print. Will let you know tomorrow how successful it was. Hopefully my custom supports are good enough.

Awesome! I hope it turns out well

My slicing wasn’t the best, but turned out cool! Waiting on the electronics!

By the way did the parts snap together well? Also dont forget that you need this as well together with the electronics kit:
1pcs Miniature Toggle Switch
1pcs 9V Battery
1pcs 9V Battery Clip Connector
M3 Hex Socet Cap Screws

They did snap together very well, no real need for screws except for electronics.

Do you have any part numbers or dimensions for the mini toggle switch? I have no experience with such switches..

If you live close to a Clas Ohlson store you can get this one:
Or search for "Miniature Toggle Switch 3 pin" on ebay

I ordered the 9v battery clip from ebay, but you might find it elsewhere also:

Thanks, got the clas ohlson switch during my lunch now, and got the rest I needed from Kjell & Company. Will prbably finish the build later today, and post up "I made one". Thanks for the quick responses and thanks again for the awesome project!

Thank you! I am looking forward to the make post

Wow well done brother.............your a mad genius !!!!!