My Brain

by mluongo91 Apr 6, 2018
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please tell me it isn't full size. (actually, who am I to judge, I have no idea how big a human brain is)

Muy bueno, dejo mi like

Very nice, but why does it look slightly atrophied? Did you segment parts of the gray matter out?

A friend of mine recently had back surgery and had an MRI done as part of the whole process.
I sent her a link to this project and now she wants me to print out her spine. What files/filetypes should she ask for to get started with ?

you'll need to find a way to convert the file to an stl. I happened to use freesurfer which is an opensource tool for brain fMRI/MRI - but I dont think the same functions will work on the spine. I havent used this method but this link looks helpful! https://www.printspace3d.com/make-a-3d-print-from-your-mri-or-ct-scan/

I think this could really help people "change their minds" on 3d printers.

Its not everyday that someone putsd out their brain in public with some sort of free licence... Good job :D

lol thanks - hopefully its fun to print and enjoy!

Do note that my prefrontal cortex doesnt have a huge gap in it - the model warped during printing making them not allign. I reprinted with better supports and the two halves fit together nicely! :D (Will upload new images soon)

and they say people only use 10% of their brains....

man, That's AMAZING!!!!

Surprisingly enough, that's false. Humans use 10% at any given time, sometimes the entire brain is used in certain situations. Here's a interesting article about this theory. https://gizmodo.com/where-the-10-percent-of-our-brains-myth-comes-from-a-1598507369

Its like saing that you use 10 proc of your CPU in computer when not plaing games... No, you use 10 proc of maximum load, but cut out even 1 proc of your cpu and you are done. Because whole cpu is more or less used all the time.

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Your use of resources is extraordinary. This could be useful in the medical field. The fact that you could look at brain deformities (not implying you have any) without the use of any invasive means is amazing and revolutionary. Good job :).

That's pretty cool. Nice opportunity :-)