SpaceX Falcon Heavy & Falcon 9

by JRad Apr 8, 2018
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Awesome work- thanks ! Im printing 3 of the FH- 2 are gifts

Thanks! It was a fun distraction :-)
Wow, assembly line time!

Did you guys scale this anything ?

HO scale = 1:87

Using cura ye ?

What I'm showing in the pictures here is no scaling. Some others have gone bigger.
I don't think the grid fins, engines, or landing legs scale down very well.

3/21/2019 - I finally got a chance to add the connecting conduit at the top of the 3 boosters. Only requires updated parts for the second-stage-interchange (add mounting holes), and new booster nosecones (a little longer). Should be an easy update for already completed prints.

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mod 2 grid fin possible print with 0,4 noozle. I print at 70% from original scale no suport need

My smal mod no supports need , thank you for nice model ..:)

Hi JRad,

I used chemteacher and your model to put together a connecting piece for the Crew Dragon Capsule. I hope it helps others.
Thank you for your work!

File: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3382391

SpaceX Falcon Dragon Crew Capsule Trunk Threaded
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i have some trouble printing out the grid fins, some plastic always get in the holes and the whole structure is not strong.
What settings did you use to print those parts ?

thanks in advance

The stand alone falcon 9 shown in the picture is technically inaccurate. Grid find are way down on the rocket. That part which holds the grid fins should be upside down to make it correct. That model is only suitable for falcon heavy NOT falcon 9. Compare it with original model of falcon 9.
By the way , you've done awesome work. I printed this model and it is amazing. Just try to fix the issue I have mentioned.

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I have some trouble printing out some parts.
The booster parts i print do not seem to be nice round. (Picture added).
So to test the printer, if created a cilinder my self. This one looks quit nice. What an i dooing wrong!? Im using Cura
Layer height: 0.2
Wall thickness: 0.8
Infill: 10%
Print temp: 210
Bed: 50

Does anyone have the same problem?
What slicer do you use?
What Settings?

I hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance


Mostly the problem with your printer.
I had the same problem, it was loose.

your settings seem to be fine.

Mostly the problem with your printer.
I had the same problem, it was loose.
your settings seems to be fine.

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Assembly order:

Falcon Heavy (Center)
1 Engines
2 Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_Heavy_Center
3 Booster_Aft_Section_2
4 Booster_Aft_Section_3
5 Booster_Forward_Falcon_Heavy_Center
6 Second_Stage_Interstage
7 Second_Stage_repaired
8 Payload_Fairing_1-piece OR 2 x Payload_Fairing

Falcon Heavy (Booster-Left)

1 Engines
2 Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_Heavy_Left
3 Booster_Aft_Section_2
4 Booster_Aft_Section_3
5 Second_Stage_repaired
6 Booster_Forward_Falcon_Heavy_Left
7 Booster_Nose_Cone

Falcon Heavy (Booster-Right)

1 Engines
2 Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_Heavy_Right
3 Booster_Aft_Section_2
4 Booster_Aft_Section_3
5 Second_Stage_repaired
6 Booster_Forward_Falcon_Heavy_Right
7 Booster_Nose_Cone

I`m having some trouble with printing the Legs. During the print the legs come loose from the bed.
How did you solve it? Thanks for helping.

Raft with little spacing (I did mine on a Zortrax and with their perforated build plate you have no other choice). I large brim would probably work too.

I had to lookup how to configure a raft around the Leg (Using Cura). But found it, the print is perfect now. Now printing the Actuator`s
Thank for you help.

Ps, Could it be that the "Second_Stage_Interstage" and the "Second_Stage_repaired" do not line up nice with the screw thread? They miss alline leaving a small space between the 2 parts.

What raft settings did you use in the end?

First of all,

This looks awesome. I'm getting ready to start printing this. Anyone know how tall this comes out once all assembled?
Or how much to scale it down to get 1/144. Trying to get this to match my existing rocket models which are also 1/144.


Chemteacher's version that I based this on is supposed to be HO scale (1:87)
So to go to 1:144 scale... 87 / 144 = .60416666 scale factor (60.416666%). I THINK!

Thanks, Tolerances were too tight for my printer at 60% The most I was able to scale it down was 80%

Will this remix fit with the original dragon capsule from chemteacher?

I think so. I added the "Trunk" (command module) w/ the right sized peg to fit his original capsule.

Will it fit with ChemTeacher628's Dragon 2 capsule and trunk in his Falcon Heavy model?

I'm trying to use Slic3r but the grid fins disappear when laid flat. I've spent two days trying to print one standing up with very poor luck. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
Prusa MK3, .04 nozzle, Prusa PLA

BTW nice remix. I have everything done on the Heavy except these grid fins.

Hi Guys
I´m trying to get the fairings done without success. Do you print them without supports? I´m using "Pritt Glue".

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Printed the engine section at 25% and 60% infill and keep breaking the engines off!

I did mine at 15% in ABS and they're fairly strong. My 3-year-old didn't break ALL of them off after two weeks :-)
That is one of the weakest points for sure. I'll try to add a variant that's less to scale but stronger when I have some time.

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Does anyone have suggestions on printing the landing legs? I have tried upright but it fails even with supports. I have also tried sort of at an angle but it requires a ton of supports.

Use a raft or a good sticky surface for sure, there isn't much bed contact area on first layers. You could probably trim the STL & flatten out the bottom a little for more contact surface and still get a good joint/pin connection when assembled (I have not tried this).

What's really odd is that when I print upright, I don't really have adhesion issues as far as I can tell. I use a skirt with 0 offset so it spreads the load out a lot (30 perimeter skirt), but one side still droops or gets knocked out of position slightly by the print head. I can try more aggressive supports maybe to keep it stable.
For you, do you print upright with the two 'legs' of the leg on the build surface and no supports?

I printed everything without supports, just as the STL files are oriented (tips up on the landing lets).

Hello! First of all, very nice print. I wanted to ask if 5% infill is enough?

Hard to say, I think that's pretty printer dependent. I did mine at 15%

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I really like the details that you added. I want to print it as a Falcon 9 Block 5.
At the moment I am printing the grid fins, all other parts worked well.
Chemteacher had straight grid fins which you could lay down and print this way.

Your fins are curved and have to be printed standing.(sorry for my english, but I think you can understand what I mean.)

I have tried so many different things now, but I can't get rid of the stinging between the grid.
The empty parts between the grid are the problem...

Do you have any suggestions? I am not sure about yours, I can't see the details on your pictures...are they fine?

I have added 2 pictures. The fins look horrible, but I have printed some skulls with a similar pattern and they look great.

I use Simplify3D and print with an Anet A8.(still waiting for my Ender3)

A few month ago I installed Cura version 3.2.1 but I never used it. Now I added a standard Anet A8 profile which was under the first google hits, changed nothing and printed with 0.2mm layer height without much hope for a good result, just to look which settings have to be optimized...5min work.
The retraction settings are similar(nearly identical, but Cura has way more settings regarding retraction).

Lol, the result was better than the >30 prints which I did with Simplify3D (most of them aborted after I noticed strong stinging)
I did some changes in Cura and I think I will accepted the grid fins the way they are now. they look ok for the moment.
Not perfect, but I spent way more time than I should, but I also learned a lot. I will print them again when my new printer arrives.

I will work with Cura for a few days and do more prints to compare the results. I think Simplify3D is easier to start with and looks more comfortable and I can connect my printer with a USB cable.(does not work with Cura, maybe I have to do a update.)

Oh bummer. Mine came out fine with fairly stock settings in Cura on a Wanahoa Duplicator 6. Very little stringing.
I did mine in ABS which might help.

Any chance you could make the dragon 2 capsule from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2478927 compatible with your model?

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Expansion Kit for Falcon 9 Model

I'm not going to be digging back into this anytime real soon. Not enough time at the moment. Sorry :/

Any chance sharing some source-source files? Like f3b (if you modelled in Fusion 360) or step files? I would love to continue modifications. Hard to work with STL as a source.
Great stuff! I will print one anyway.

I just uploaded Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy step files as well as a zip with my SolidWorks source files.
Good luck. I had a lot of fun working on it :-)

Very appreciated. Since I want to build 1:64 version (135% to what you have) I will need to repackage some pieces into smaller ones to fit into my printer. That's where STEP files will be handy

Should the Falcon Heavy forward center core have holes for the grid fins? Am I missing something?

Nope, you're right, something is wrong. I'm surprised no one else said anything yet.

I must have had a conflicting STL file in my dropbox that got reverted to an old version after I printed, but before I uploaded the files.

The one that was uploaded was an older design iteration that was still using the grid fins from ChemTeacher's design.

I just replaced the file with the correct version for my grid fins.

Thank you! I should have my Falcon Heavy done at 125% in a few days! Great Model!

Still up with the exploded view? Else just a list of parts needed for the whole rocket would be nice

The scale of this model at 100% print size is approx 1:86.5 (About HO Scale: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HO_scale)
Height: 81cm
Width (Payload Fairing option): 6cm

For the Falcon 9 (Payload Fairing) version:
4 x Grid_Fin
4 x Landing_Leg
4 x Actuator_Female
4 x Actuator_Male
1 x Second_Stage_Interstage
1 x Payload_Fairing_1-piece OR 2 x Payload_Fairing
1 x Engines
1 x Second_Stage_Engine (From https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2457148)
1 x Second_Stage_repaired
1 x Booster_Forward_Falcon_9
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_9
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_2
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_3
I hope this helps, I can include a "List of Bits" for the Falcon Heavy / Dragon aswell if required!

SpaceX Falcon 9 Model Kit

For the Falcon Heavy version:
12 x Grid_Fin
12 x Landing_Leg
12 x Actuator_Female
12 x Actuator_Male
1 x Second_Stage_Interstage
1 x Payload_Fairing_1-piece OR 2 x Payload_Fairing
3 x Engines
1 x Second_Stage_Engine (From https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2457148)
1 x Second_Stage_repaired
1 x Booster_Forward_Falcon_Heavy_Center
1 x Booster_Forward_Falcon_Heavy_Left
1 x Booster_Forward_Falcon_Heavy_Right
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_Heavy_Center
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_Heavy_Left
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_Heavy_Right
3 x Booster_Aft_Section_2
3 x Booster_Aft_Section_3
4 x Heavy_Connecting_Pin
2 x Booster_Nose_Cone
Optional: 2 x Booster-Core_Connector (From: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2478927) - Gives it more detail!

Think this is everything you need..!

SpaceX Falcon 9 Model Kit
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Expansion Kit for Falcon 9 Model

Haha! You’re welcome, might be worth JRad adding these details to the Main Page!

Hello, I am about to start printing this (Falcon 9 [Not Heavy]) at 200% Scale...however, what sort of infill did everybody use/suggest?
I have disabled supports as it doesnt appear to need them, but its a 10-Day print on my trust machine!
Its a great remix of a very good model! I am glad I have found this!

Coincidentally I have also been in the process of a 200% build, I'm using 20% infill because I want it to be a rather solid model (It's going to be sitting on a tabletop and don't want it wobbling around), I've been using supports in the interest of avoiding filament waste but due to the shared nature of my printers I will be taking longer than 10 days to get everything printed up, would be very curious to see how your results fare without supports on things like the landing legs and similar parts! Looking forward to seeing it complete!

How about making the top section split in half ?

There are two versions of the payload fairing already. One-piece as well as a two-piece symetrical split with hooks to hold it together. Just print two of those and snap them together.

did you use supports on the legs?

Not required but add them if it makes you feel more comfortable! Just watch where they want to attach too, could be tricky to get some out!

I just noticed I missed the one piece fairing when I uploaded the parts so I just added that in case anyone prefers a solid one that doesn't split.

OK, I have a request. The Dragon capsule trunk's tabs, although it really seems to match the remix source, doesn't work AT ALL with the source's parts... the solar panel covers, and the solar panel accessories.

The hole for the tabs are too small (the accessories jiggle when inserted) and the panel covers are too low, loose and interfering with the 2nd stage.

Can you do me a huge favor and please please print a Dragon trunk, and one of the panel covers, plus one of the solar panels, and see what I mean?


Keeping my printer pretty busy working on a new level 2 high power rocket, but the Dragon parts are pretty small so I'll try to slip them in somewhere over the next couple of weeks.
I still need to add the connecting conduit for the Heavy too.
I just know once I open that assembly I'm going to get sucked back into it for days LOL!

Any change/hope on a revisit on the Dragon, or maybe a crew Dragon eventually? I'm about to go into the Heavy built, one for me and one for a bud, both 150% scale to roughly match the Hotwheels Roadster.

I sent a tip, as I REALLY appreciate the mods you did here, the original hook tab things were just not a great idea, and what you did was fantastic. I'm printing one at 150% and it's a beast. Keep on keeping on!!

Oh man 150%, I wish I could go that tall. I've got to put together a delta printer for my model rocket parts :)

Here's the Falcon 9.... I want to do the Falcon Heavy eventually!

Looks great!
The heavy is a lot of printing :-)
I still want to do his strong arm too, just haven't had any time.

Thanks! I added it to the files for this thing as well.

Second Stage STL appears to be broken to me. There is a complete gap @ 98.8mm. Just wish I would have saw this before hitting print :). 10hr gone!

Going to try and repair it with meshmixer.

This model is awesome btw, thanks!

It does, mine are just hard to see because they're white. I did mine in white because the first heavy flight had white grid fins on the center section.

Why does not the central piece have Grid attacks?

It does, the image above is using the Black Grids on the Boosters, but the Original White ones on the centre stage as it was on the first Falcon Heavy flight.
Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2b/Falcon_Heavy_cropped.jpg/800px-Falcon_Heavy_cropped.jpg

the second stage results "not mainfold" i tried to correct it with the microsoft repair tool but the threads now doesn't align. Could you please check the last version of the "second stage" you uploaded? thanks

See my latest comment for a repaired STL

I uploaded a new export with some different settings, but my slicer still says it has to repair the file to load it. I'm not sure why SolidWorks is exporting a broken file :/.

Awesome design, great work. It's a little overwhelming to see to many parts though, do you have a diagram to assist which parts connect to which? Thanks

I'll try to put together a couple fo exploded views.

For the Falcon 9 (Payload Fairing) version:
4 x Grid_Fin
4 x Landing_Leg
4 x Actuator_Female
4 x Actuator_Male
1 x Second_Stage_Interstage
1 x Payload_Fairing_1-piece OR 2 x Payload_Fairing
1 x Engines
1 x Second_Stage_Engine (From https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2457148)
1 x Second_Stage_repaired
1 x Booster_Forward_Falcon_9
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_1_Falcon_9
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_2
1 x Booster_Aft_Section_3
I hope this helps, I can include a "List of Bits" for the Falcon Heavy / Dragon aswell if required!

SpaceX Falcon 9 Model Kit

that would be awesome thanks

Beautiful design. How would it go if I scale it down? Do you have specific instructions for printing?

Not sure about scaling down. Tolerances are pretty tight as is. The grid fins and engines have some pretty thin areas as well.
As for printing, I didn't do anything special on mine. Minimal fill and no supports, that's it.

Nice model, printing the Heavy now. Do you have plans on doing the Dragon 2 module to work with this?

Ok, I found some time to work on it last night :-)
I uploaded a threaded version of the "Dragon Capsule Trunk" part. I have not printed and test fit it yet, but it should be good. Should work with the original capsule, side covers, and solar panels from ChemTeacher's thing.
This is the only part of mine that does require supports. I'll work on tweaking it along with the side covers and solar panels for support free printing at some point.

Awesome! Thank you so much. I am finishing up the legs and engines today and will start printing the white parts probably tomorrow.

That was the plan but I need to take a break from this for a while so I can get some other hobby projects done, so I can't really say when I'll get back to it.
All it really needs is a threaded version of his "dragon cargo trunk" and then I think the rest of his parts can be used. Still, no promises on when I'll get back to it :/

What is this a remix of?

My bad. Didn't add the remix sources correctly. Should be there now.