Recreus sneakers II

by Recreus Mar 31, 2014
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how do you go about scaling these to fit? i figured measure your foot but all measurements are for the out side of the shoe.

Hi what size are these ?

where is the right shoe

just mirror the left shoe ^^

Do you need supports?

Could I get away with printing this in pla? I don't have enough ninja flex left to print this so I have to do it in pla. I am using an upgraded printrbot simple metal and The shoe just barely fits on my build plate. Thanks

Ps: are the laces just flexi filament?

I just looked at the files and it looks like there has been both tongues of the sneaker uploaded, but only the right foot SNEAKER actually uploaded. Is there any chance that a left shoe would be able to be uploaded as well? Thanks

Can you not mirror the shoe in your slicer? Tongues were provided mirrored because they are text based.

To reply to everyone that is asking about the size, they seem to be a size 9.5 USA Mens shoe. I'm going to print one and I will post more about it later.

Is there any way to print it in parts and hot air blow them until the melt together. I have a printrbot simple metal.

Can you print on the 5th generation with this material?

So I have tried to print in generic tpu on a makerbot 5th gen and it takes some experimentation. I would only say print at 0.2 layer hight or less and 15 mm/s. I know thats slow but its better to have a slow print than a failed print. Just try printing some benchys with different settings and see what works. I did get it to make a fairly decent benchy, about a 6 out of 10. And dont be afraid to use retraction.

Thanks GYROBOT! I never even thought of that. I was under the impression that since all I have seen is the 200 x 200 bed sizes and thought that was as good as it gets.

I'm also fairly new to 3d printing so I am constantly learning new things.

You wouldn't know where I could find the specs for the larger Prusa would you? I am currently waiting on the frame for a new printer I am building. It is in the unassembled parts stage, so now would be a perfect time to experiment with a Bigger Better Printer!!!

I'll be honest, I am 49 years old but every time I successfully print something new or learn a little trick or something, I feel like I'm 15 again! This is so exciting and just the thing I needed to relieve some stress. I think a Bigger Printer and some New Shoes, (Made By Me On My Printer), is just what I need... Just sayin', Pappa needs a new pair of shoes! Ha Ha

You have to have either a small foot to want to print these or a print bed larger than 200 x 200 as the prusa has ...

Yes, if that is the size of your print bed.

These were printed on a Prusa with a longer bed (glass - none heated). A simple mod to make by lengthening the four horizontal bars that define the Y travel range.

I see a major problem, isn't the melting point of filaflex 760C?

Not sure where you got that figure from(?) but you can successfully print with Filaflex between 220 and 240 deg. The plans for the hotend and extruder are here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:263143http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:263133http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

by Recreus
Recreus direct drive
by Recreus

I have just done a Thingview on it and measured the squares, it is 26cm long and 11cm at the widest part (inside dims). Measure your foot and scale in X or Y to suit.

Third person, what size are they?

they are so cool and what size are they

What size are these?

will this work on a replicator 2 ?

what size are they?

Incredible design for a shoe and great filament. Ordering ASAP. What kind of printer and hot-end is in the video?