Settlers of Catan

by Yidopak Apr 9, 2018
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I've printed all the tiles with no issues EXCEPT the sheep tiles. Any tips on NOT getting the sheep part to come out looking like tiny blobs of plastic that fall off the first time you pick them up? I've tried printing them in several different colors, including PET and PLA, so I know it's not the filament; so I have to be slicing them wrong. FWIW, I'm using a Prusa Mk3S w/ MMU2S, slicing at .15mm; still, the sheep part just seems to glob up the sheep and they fall off.

Aside from that, FANTASTIC job! I love the set!

Because I am not the original creator of the tiles themselves and I only am fluent in Tinkercad ( I know, it's sad), my abilities are very limited.

I didn't have much of a problem with the two full sets I've already printed, but the smaller sheep were definitely globby and omitted from the final piece as they fell of and left the herd.
At first I didn't know that you could combine the 2 files in repetier to print them together and it will place the sheep right in the exact place where their foot prints are on the field, but now I know. Something I just tried was tedious at best, but I split the (sheep) object using repetier and it gave me 10 different sheep shapes. Then I increased the size of the sheep individually (even the ones doing questionably amorous activities) and placed them where their foot prints are, then sliced it over and over to ensure that the first layer of white was immediately on the top of the newest layer of green. It's worth a shot, but I cannot figure out how to do this in Tinkercad. I have Fusion 360, but I am not any near proficient in it. The only problem I foresee is the elevations if the sheep are scaled too large. Reducing the number of sheep, there should be plenty of space in the storage housing to scale up to 300% and still fit fine, but they will make the trees look more like small mounds of green poo, like they ate too many Froot Loops, rather than trees.

I just got a new desk, so the printer will be down for another week while I fiddle with its permanent placement but I intend on beginning to print another set soon to give away for Christmas and I can start on the wool trying this modification, with the lower number of sheep.

Thanks and happy printing

These tiles were designed by https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26979

3D Catan Terrain Pieces
by JAWong

I had his design tagged already, not quite sure why it doesn't show up on my post, but it does show up on JAWong's as a remix

It does show up! on the left side along with the others.
That print looks like it weighs a lot.

I was looking on the mobile App and it wasn't... After logging in on a desktop, it's there.
My scale isn't all that accurate, it said ~9lbs US, but it felt like a lot more