GoW Lancer

by tthorn0118 Apr 10, 2018
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He has a point. one of your pieces Part 5_2 is way to thin to print. No matter what I i will end up trying it its going to end up a mess on my printer. Why didn't you include any support structure within that piece or even a suitable roof for when the object is finished printing? My printer cant print that and ive already printed 5 parts of your lancer but i got to stop now as that one part my printer cannot print. Could you please go back and repair that one piece and give it a suitable structure.

I realize the piece you are referring to. However I printed it as is with no issues at all. I wouldn't have posted it unless it does indeed print. But as soon as I get out of work I will fix that piece for you.

“Why can't we all just get along?” After all, just look at what you are doing to the children! You are monsters!
Gears of War fans all over the internet don't need this! Post more files! Sharing is caring.

Youll also knotice the files you loaded here arent the ones you printed, becasue there are open faces not closed and the walls are to thin "imposible" to print.

Dude go away! For real. Doesn't matter those one you rotate to touch the build plate. there are NO ISSUES with this model or any of its pieces. So please go away and bug someone else.

I was just trying to help you out over copyright. Good luck and hope the Author dosnt take you to litigation thas all!

I dont think its appropriate to upload the one from the mini factory. The one I uploaded here is completely different.
The one I made is from the mini factroy hence why I added the link. I think you should personally remove this out of respect for the original author, Cheers Jace

What is so different about it? It's the exact model.

The model I uploaded if you look closely, you will knotice is a completely different model. I ended up making the model from the mini factory so that is why I posted the link so people could download that and build if they so choosed. I didnt think it was appropritae to just share the other modlers files directly here on Thingyverse. "hence the link" But now you have just copied The Mini Factory Files directly here which is not generally the done thing, considering there is was nothing wrong with them in the first place!

Read the description and quit crying about it. I gave credit to the original author and I never claimed it to be my own model. What are you the thingiverse police?? Jesus grow up.

Just trying to give honest advice. I know, because I've been through this before. If its copy righted then you cant share it and crediting the person is not enough, Good luck.