Ender 3 Display LCD PCB Cover

by Rocco81-92 Apr 12, 2018
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Cannot get past the first layer, the walls around holes are awful.
Printer is Ender 3. MakerBot PLA, tried two different rolls. I had good luck with several other parts (several with smallers holes).
any suggestions would be appreciated.

Looks like either under extrusion (your screenshot shows you changed the flow? Did you do this based on calibration, or?), or your nozzle isn't close enough to the bed.

Flow is based on Calibration, I also print at 100% Flow on initial layer. I think the problem was nozzle was too far from the bed, I did a first layer test print and it was awful. Thanks for getting back to me.

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What are the recommended print settings for the 3 connector bell model?

Does anybody could print this thing properly ? Because I tried many times and the screw holes are always a mess !
Could you show me a model that can be printed without this fail ?

Tighten your x-axis belt (the one with the nozzle on). That will correct the circular printing.

Ok, so I tried printing this as one of my first prints and it printed beautifully. Then I tried to remove it from the bed and the whole thing crumbled in my hands. Any idea what I could've done wrong? It was printed using PLA that was strong on other prints. I used Slicer to get the gcode. It was a .2 layer height with 3 layers on top bottom and sides. Please, any help would be appreciated

I see that the one without buzzer hole doesn't actually fit unless you remove the buzzer with a soldering iron, something i won't be doing any time.

That's what it was meant to be.
Without hole = remove buzzer.
With hole = for buzzer

I removed my buzzer and therefore mounted the cover without a hole.

What are the height dimensions? I want to print this 2 tone and would like to split the shallower bottom dimension (near the knob) in half?

Thank you, but unfortunately, the screw heads are too big on my newly purchased Ender 3. I would gently drill them up, but it went wrong. Better luck next time :-)

What is the diameter of your screw heads?

The screw heads are 5,5 mm. Bought last week from Germany

Adjust your printer and your slicer correctly and 6.5mm holes are also printed with 6.5mm diameter.

The holes are suitable for the screws. If the holes are too small in your print, then my model is not the problem. The holes in my part have 6.5mm diameter.


I used the wrong file, now it fits perfect, thank you

I am new to 3D print. I used a layer size 0,1 mm, maybe it's my problem, I will try with 0.2mm

This is bang on. Printed the version to use factory screws and its perfect. Thank you!

What is the stl of these thing please ? I cant find one that works...

I used the file from this page. In particular the one to use factory screws with buzzer hole. Print with supports and your holes will be good.

Thank you for this wonderful work.

Thanks for this design!
I just printed the Factory screws with buzzer
and it didn't even take me two minutes to fit it, no adjustments at all

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Ender 3 models now has 5,6mm head screws, so the factory screws version aint gonna work. Before printing that version its important to mesure the size of the screws.

Just FYI, I just got my Ender 3 last week and printed the factory screws version with no editing of the model. Fit just fine.

nice too know, but the holes in my part for the factory screws have a innerdiameter from 6,5mm

Sorry, the screws are 5.65 actually, it leaves .85mm space.. not too much margin of error.. but maybe try with brute force or buy the screws and print the first model..=)

Adjust your printer and your slicer correctly and 6.5mm holes are also printed with 6.5mm diameter.

As I said, the holes are suitable for the screws. If the holes are too small in your print, then my model is not the problem (otherwise I would have liked to change it immediately)

Lets do this, im gonna print it and let you know. At this time i dont have printing size problems, so this print must have those 6.5mm when done. I let you know the results.

Rocco, I guess i had the problem with a remix. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2987100), my mistake sorry. But ive printed again yours and fits, quite tight but it fits ok. The printer messure its ok btw. Maybe a 1 mm or 0.5mm wider diameter will help with not so calibrated printers.
Thanks a lot and great work.

ENDER 3 FACTORY SCREWS display rear cover

All right, just wanted to know where the problem was.

For criticism, I am always open;)

Hi Guys, I just had a weird problem, the printing was okay for 2 hours and in the final 30 min the extruder went backwards and ejected the filment, any idea of why?

Printed the version with factory screws and hole for the buzzer. Really nice design. Thank you!

Both the factory screws versions have the buzzer hole.

For real? I will check and fix this tonight. Thanks for the information.

Have you had time to fix it yet?

sorry forgot it.
Have just changed and re-uploaded.

Awesome, thank you!

hello can you share the step file? or the lcd model? thanks

nice design fits reallt well, dont know where you guys are getting bell from though a bell rings a buzzer or sounder beeps :-)

What is the optimal screw size to attach the cover?

If you like to use the factory srews, use this one:


or with silent buzzer


ENDER 3 FACTORY SCREWS display rear cover
ENDER 3 FACTORY SCREWS display rear cover extended beeper cover hole
by TalZiv

2x M3x8 and 2x M3x16

Hi guys, I have just started printing and when I tried to print this it created a mess after the angle of the wall changed on the bottom part (around 30 layers up). I didn't add any supports, as I thought the angle was doable (20 degrees). Any help would be much appreciated.

Settings used.

Nozzle - 200 degrees
Bed - 60 degrees
layer height - 0.2
Wall thickness 0.8
No supports
Print speed - 60 mm/s (could it be printing too fast)
Stuck to the bed fine.

Am I supposed to remove the bell? Is that what the one without the bell is for?

You do not have to remove the bell.
I have uploaded versions for with and without bell.

Removing the bell is easy. Heat the two solder contacts on the top and pull the bell down. It can then be mounted again at any time.

I was annoyed by the beeping.

Also interested on how tout remove the Bell

Thank you so much. I was worried about pricking my fingers/getting zapped or damaging my lcd board. Gonna print one out ASAP,

Yes I did not like the open board.
Nice that my cover so many like!

A good addition to this would be a few differently positioned slots for a SD extension holder. I'm not sure if an extension cable holder has been made yet for the Ender 3, but it definitely needs one of those microSD to SD extension cables. It's hard to get good visibility of the microSD slot and there is sizeable gap above the slot. I've lost my card twice into the gap before I finally got the cable. With the cable, life is much easier.

Ender 3 - Micro to SD Card Holder found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2917151

Ender 3 - Micro SD to SD Card Holder

I'd a version that just covers the bell, muffling it a bit more. did you cut your bell off?

I shoved some silly putty in the hole for the bell, it does quiet down a bit, but I would leave the bell covered to muffle it down some more. Before I did that my wife would hear it at night in the bedroom upstairs.

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To designer: I suggest editing the title to include "Ender 3 LCD Cover" as well as I would think that's what people would be searching for not only "display" I tried finding this for a bit ended up having to have a youtuber link me to it :)

Do I need longer screws?

Yes, 2x M3x8 and 2x M3x16