Solution for printing on glass with the Tevo Tornado.

by Baard Apr 12, 2018
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Great work and clever idea !!

I'm just wondering what is the tevo-tornado_build-plate-bushing.stl for please ?

Thank you :-)
The build-plate-bushing is used as padding between the bolt and the glass bed to prevent damage to the glass.
It does not have the same function as it has for Vector Victor. He made them for preventing the glass bed from moving when printing.
When you tighten the levers, the glass will not move whether you have build-plate-bushing or not.
When you tighten the levers there is tension created between the leveling bolts and the holes in the glass bed.
If you don't have some sort of padding between the bolt and the glass, the bolt will damage the glass. Small pieces will fall off.
On the early version of the Tornado the holes in the bed were 5 mm in diameter. Then you had room for the build-plate-bushing.
On the latter version of the Tornado the holes are smaller so you can't use build-plate-bushing. Then you have to use heat shrink or some sort of padding, like thread tape. There is a picture in post-printing.

Tevo Tornado | Build plate bushing / stabilizer

I manage to get the build-plate-bushing to get in the 2018 gold tornado bed holes. I trim them a little bit.

The long screws riquire mor triming but I manage to get the screw go thru.

But (there's allways a "but") the build-plate-bushing are some sort of screwed on the long screw.

My guess is there's only 0.1mm space between build-plate-bushing and glass hole.

Good thing the screw and bed won't wobble anymore.
Bad thing I'm wondering if the glass bed plate might be damaged due to tension ?

What do you think ?

Once again I like your work.

I can never give you any guarantees. All I can say is that my glassplate has never been damaged with Build-plate-bushing. Only without build-plate-bushing. I also had to screw the bolt through the build plate bushing. I don't think I had any space between the bushing and the glass.

Thanks for your feedback !

Thanks for the support !

You've done a really great job.
I got to get some shrink tape or electrical tape (a little thicker but not too much) as I got the "gold" tornado.

In the original post you were using large smooth bed leveling knobs. Can you post a link to the stl for those? They match the lever contours and look better than any I have found.

Thanks. Now I have put it back out. You can download it.

Thanks, but I am confused...these work with the larger bearings or the smaller ones? I am using the smaller bearings due to availability.

They work with both bearings. :-)

Works perfect for my 300X300 glass plate. The levers and rear slots fit perfect and the large knobs allow me to fine tune the bed level perfectly. My prints have been perfect since using this. Thanks!

Your welcome. Thanks.

Where can I find the file for the levers? Can you post the file or point us to the ones you used?

Solution for printing on glass with the Tevo Tornado.
by Baard

It is inside the zip file you download for your glass size.

Great! Your solution is the best I've seen for both securing and easily changing glass in between prints.


Thank you :-)

The best design ever made for holding the mirror properly :D very good work Thanks

Thank you :-)

I second that.
I am using it to quickly swap between the mirror for PETG and Anycubic ultrabase to everything else. PETG can easily break Anycubic ultrabase.

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I was thinking to use similar idea, but with tilted glass sides, so the locks push down the glass on the bed when in position (with a spring).