Warhammer 40k Plasma Pistol

by Erdrick Apr 13, 2018
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Hi everyone, quick question here, what is a size of completed pistol when assembled? I'm trying to pinpiont the scale to my costume.

FYI for anyone with limited print space - I just printed this on a Flashforge Finder (14x14x14) scaling each part to 87% of the size and it's still a decent scale to hold unless you have massive hands (see attached). Only issues of note were that I had to file down the top of handle.stl to get it to fit the corresponding holes in body_02.stl, but this might be due to some slight warping of body_02 (lifted off the bed a millimetre at each end) - I don't have a heated bed and was using glue to avoid warping but using faster print speeds may have caused some issues. At 10% infill and fast print, even the largest pieces only took 2-3 hours. You can print the "solid" plasma coil version without any infill and there are no issues.

Just waiting on some silver spraypaint now... :)

Looks like you made a plasma pistol and not the plasma gun. well done

Looking at this as my second 40K gun print (Did a bolter previously.)
Interested in putting LEDs in the barrel, printing the coils in translucent with blue LEDs under it.
Putting a battery pack in the "battery pack" and a button for the barrel LEDs in the trigger. Will also have a laser pointer in the small tube under the main barrel. (Hope to have done by January.)
(Now to find a good chainsword, I can make the blades move on. :)

Currently printing this and it's beutiful :D
Any hints on how to print Body02.stl? It's to long to print lying down and I'm not happy about the supports i get when printing on edge.

I'm in the process of finishing one of these (pictures in about a week) and I have to say that the thought that went into how the model was broken apart was pretty fantastic. The fact that I could print most this on my Lulzbot Mini without having to split pieces was great (the grip section was JUST too big for my bed). I did have a question and a suggestion or two:

It's clear the way the front shroud around the barrels is supposed to sit, but there's nothing that really locks it into place. Or is there? It seems like I have to put glue on those interior pieces slide the shroud over it until it looks right, then hold it in place until the glue dries. There's nothing wrong with doing it this way, but it seems odd.

It would have been nice (from a painting perspective) if the gun didn't need to be built around the coil. I don't have a specific solution to this, but I would have liked to be able to do all of my finish work on the pistol away from the clear piece that I'm going to use for the coil. I can paint the coil, put it in place, mask it, then do the rest of the clean-up and painting on the gun, but there's always a chance that something could go wrong with the mask and cleaning up that clear part after all that work has been done will be a pain. This is not a huge deal, but something I've been thinking about.

Even with those tiny issues this is probably been the most fun I've had printing and assembling something I've grabbed here on Thingiverse. I'm really looking forward to printing your bolters.

Nice clean work, thanks. This is on my short list.

Thanks for the design!

Awesome work.

Any plans to paint it?

Nope, already gave it away. Besides I'm not that good of a painter.