Schleppkette für Anycubic I3 Mega

by Michelix Apr 13, 2018
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Wie viele Teile brauch ich jetzt wo von damit ich eine ganze Schleppkette für meinen Anycubic i3 Mega S habe?

2 Befestigungsteile (A+B) und 25 Kettenglieder. Ich empfehle die gekauften Kettenglieder

i believe this doesnt work for mega-s?

Does work for the mega-s too

Wie wirkt sich die Schleppkette auf die Druckhöhe aus, verringert sich diese?

Die Druckhöhe wird durch die Schleppkette nicht beeinträchtigt.

Worked like a charm. You are amazing!

Welcher "A"-Part (1 bis 3) ist wofür?
Which "A"-part (1 to 3) to use?

Das sind 3 mal die gleichen Teile mit geringfügigen Änderungen

HI Love the design and have fitted it to my i3 but the chain i have used is a different size and have had to glue to each adapter, is it possible to have the dwg files to be able to mod it to suit my chain.

Thanks in advance.

worked fine!

Thanks a lot!

Was hast du für Schrauben verwendet?

What is the best orientation to print both parts? With or without supports? Thanks!

Great design, it's rigid and just works! The fit to the pneumatic connector is not designed for fat fingers though ;) Is there any chance in hell it would be redesigned for a titan extruder and pancake stepper?

Hi I can't fix it part A because it does touch with the nut of the pneumatic connector.

Super Job,

one Question please

why one with hole and the other one without hole?

what is the hole version for?
or is the one without hole the version to use?

Please assist.

thank You

The hole is for cable ties

Thank you for your reply

Hi there
just a quick question, i´m really interested in this mount. Where did u mount the right sight of the chain in the picture??? couldn't figure it out,
thank you for your help

mounted on the screw from the Extruder. On the picture it isnt the final.

can't get it mounted there how did u did it ?

Great, I did and it's great
one thing, why clipping on the head, it's fragile with the two small screws
why not make a flat plate and use the two top 4mm screws of the bar bracket