by guaro3d Apr 13, 2018
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this is awesome! Any chance of a shaker hood version? Also, where are the side mirrors? Thanks!

How many hours to print

Great, I'm a rc plane pilot and Im trying to learn about rc cars, they relate better to 3d printing. this project is incedible, Congratss

What kind of glue should I use to put the separate parts together?

Hi Tom, I have been using CA gel glue (Cyanoclirate in gel presentation, not so liquid as the original). It works absolutely great on ABS, and it works good on PLA. Greetings

Hello, and thanks! I was also thinking about using Epoxy, how would that work?
I forgot to mention that I'm using PLA...

It will work, just make sure you sand the surface to be glued with a rough sand paper to give it a better adhesion profile (I am not sure if those are the right terms, but my point is to make the surface rough so if has more surface for the epoxy to hold on to), that is what I use to use before trying CA gel glue, it worked good, I just didn't like the waiting time.

Would it be possible for you to post STEP files of this body? I am working on my own OpenZ chassis and would like to make it compatible with the body.

Of course, is already published, check this link:


Thank you for sharing this. It's the nicest body I have seen shared for 1:28 scale.
Do you think it can be adapted to mini z?

Oh yeah absolutely, I dont own a mini z chassis to test, but the dimensions seems to be real close, it will be just a matter of adjusting the scale a bit on the slicer. You can follow the progress on instagram as @guaro3d, in a facebook group OpenZ RC or in this weg page: https://www.guaro3d.com/openz

Greetings, thank for your kind comments, there is a chassis available too

I'm definetly following the project, I belive it's gonna be a success. 1:28 it's faster to print and cheaper than 1:10 scale.
A shame you don't have a mini-z. Making some parts compatible (like rims, or bodies) will in my opinion increase the popularity of the project.
The chinese mini-z, called mini-q, does it for example (bodies and rims are compatible with mini-z).

Thanks for sharing
Gracias por compartir

The body is on ABS and the wheels on PLA, but I am testing the wheels on ABs too and are very nice too. I used ABS for body to be able to sand it easily, but PLA will be good too. greetings

Amazing, amazing, amazing, I want to make mine!

Is the assembly manual not yet available? I tried to see that on the website.

Is not ready yet, I have just published a video of me putting it together (not the best video but far but is a start) here it is:


and on the fusion links you can use the explosion bottom (below at center, the icon looks like a cube with its faces separated) to see how the model fits together.

Here is the fusion link of the chassis:


Greetings, I hope you can build one and share it, you can also join to the facebook group: